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Marvel Super Hero Squad

Watch the SHS Show Premiere Saturday Morning

The second season of "The Super Hero Squad Show" premieres tomorrow, but you can catch a preview right now!

The Squaddies launch into all-new adventures with the hourlong sesason premiere of "The Super Hero Squad Show" tomorrow morning, Saturday, October 23 at 6:30 a.m. ET on Cartoon Network!

We've got a preview of the new season for you below--along with the awesome new main title sequence for the show--as well as full details on what you can expect from the Squad's action-packed and fun-filled second season!

"The Super Hero Squad Show" Season 2

Just when the Infinity Sword has been rebuilt, Doctor Doom is behind bars, and Villainville destroyed, a new evil threatens the universe...the space-conqueror Thanos! Determined to prove his superiority over his sister, the space-pirate Nebula (played by Jane Lynch), Thanos sets out to collect the six Infinity Stones. The stones will give him absolute power over the universe, so the Squad must stop Thanos from collecting them in his Infinity Gauntlet before it's too late.

And their adventures will send them across space and time--including the Negative Zone (Annihilus), Olympus (Hercules), World War II (Bucky & the Invaders), 1602, Planet Hulk, the Savage Land (Ka-Zar), pre-history (Moonboy & Devil Dinosaur), and throughout deep space (Captain Marvel, Nova, the Impossible Man & Beta Ray Bill, among others). Luckily, the Squad has a wild card in their quest, as the Scarlet Witch (played by Tara Strong) joins the team! Season 2 also features an all-star cast including Adam West, George Takei, Katee Sackhoff, Mark Hamill, Ty Burrell, Jim Parsons, Nina Dobrev and more!

Keep it tuned to Marvel.com for all the latest news on "The Super Hero Squad Show," and watch two brand-new episodes tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. ET on Cartoon Network! Now check out these awesome videos for a sneak peek at all the goodness coming your way in Season 2!


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We will only have 27 epsiodes of The Super Hero Squad Show until July 21, 2011!


Great show I hope to see more X-Men in later episodes.


Cartoon Network Philippines will have new episodes of The Super Hero Squad by November 8, 2010.


Bryan Danielson will have the voice as Thunderbolt instead of Alimi Ballard.


Mabe it nedes more super heroes like Emma Frost ,Cyclops,etc.Also villans Like Apocalyse and Jean Grey


super hero squad ruins marvel all my frends use to like marvel.but know when they made that show they know don't like marvel. but i do just not that show