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The Incredible Hulk (1996)

Watch The Incredible Hulk (1996) Season 2- Ep. 1

Stream ''The Incredible Hulk,'' the 90's animated series on Marvel.com

Watch Bruce Banner as he continues his unending struggle to control the Hulk while battling villains and eluding the unrelenting General Thunderbolt Ross in "The Incredible Hulk".

The show first aired on the UPN network in September 1996, and you can now tune in and experience a "new" action-packed episode every Thursday on Marvel.com! 

Here's the synopsis of episode fourteen:

"Hulk of a Different Color": The Nutrient Bath experiment has turned Rick Jones into a new version of the Hulk and changed Bruce Banner into the Gray Hulk. Still obsessed with eliminating the Hulk, Thunderbolt Ross finds himself face to face with a new, smarter Hulk and attacks! During the battle, the Hulk save's Thunderbolt Ross's life but instead of thanks, Bruce Banner is charged with attempted murder. Luckily for Bruce, his cousin Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is one of the best lawyers in town!

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