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Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

Thor & Loki: From Comic to DVD

'Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers' producer Ruwan Jayatilleke looks back at the series as it prepares to hit DVD!

"Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers" hits DVD this Tuesday, September 13, and to mark the occasion we're bringing you more behind-the-scenes peeks and cool content than you can shake an Asgardian hammer at! Check back daily to Marvel.com between now and September 13 for new "Blood Brothers" extras, and remember to pre-order your copy of "Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers" now!

"Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers" hits DVD September 13
Producer Ruwan Jayatilleke helped shepherd "Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers," Marvel Knights Animation's latest epic, from its earliest stages to the finished product.

With the upcoming DVD release of the series, Jayatilleke took a moment to look back at the series with Marvel.com, from the project's beginnings to what it's like having "Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers" sit on the DVD shelf next to its other Marvel Knights Animation brethren.

Marvel.com: What inspired you to create "Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers"?

Ruwan Jayatilleke:
Well, THOR & LOKI: BLOOD BROTHERS,originally entitled LOKI, was written by Robert Rodi and painted by Esad Ribic, and brought to life by Magnetic Dreams Studios, Underground Music and James Snyder & Edge Studios. The story has held my interest since I have been at Marvel. Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, then Executive Editor, handed me the story as a must-read comic book limited series when I first I arrived at the House of Ideas. To be honest, I have been fascinated with the story ever since. It works the complexities of the human condition as well as [the notion of] fate vs. free will through the characters and devices of Asgard. So when the opportunity to pitch a Thor-centric Marvel Knights Animation project came about, I jumped in--no questions asked!
"Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers"

Marvel.com: What is the dynamic between these brothers?

Ruwan Jayatilleke:
It’s a genuine relationship between brothers. There are good times and bad times. Perceptions and misperceptions. Heights of fraternity and the pits of disunion. My feeling is that there is an emotional dishonesty between Loki and Thor that plays itself out throughout their lives. It’s only at the end that Loki discovers that he does not have to be a victim of fate. Unfortunately, by then he has made a number of unalterable decisions and crossed the Rubicon…so Thor has a huge decision to make at the end of the story.

Marvel.com: How does "Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers" set itself apart from other Thor and Loki stories?

Ruwan Jayatilleke:
I feel this story more than others really casts Loki in a sympathetic light with motivations, vulnerabilities, and a delicate poignancy that you don’t see in many villains in the super hero genre. However on a more broad scale, this story really feels like the Shakespearean version of Thor and Loki. It is something we have not seen on this scale of emotional depth via Robert’s writing or the visual mastery conveyed by Esad’s storytelling.

Brothers face off in "Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers"
Marvel.com: What is the future of Marvel Knights Animation and what should fans expect to see?

Ruwan Jayatilleke:
We are playing that one close to the vest, but expect big, big things to not only astonish fans but also bring them back with a vengeance for more!

Marvel.com: What do you feel is the difference between watching the series in serialized installments versus all at once, as it will be on the DVD?

Ruwan Jayatilleke:
Watching week-to-week via our EST partners such as itunes, Playstation, and Xbox Live gives anyone that episodic TV season feel. Whereas having the DVD with all the episodes allows the viewer to have the security of having the entire story at their fingertips in terms of physical media and allows for serious couch-potatoing if one watches the episodes back-to-back in one fell swoop. Both experiences have pluses, but as long as people are enjoying the content on their terms and wanting more…I am more than happy to keep going into the lab and cooking up new projects with some talented folks!

"Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers" hits DVD Tuesday, September 13.

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