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Super Hero Squad

Super Hero Squad Show Guest Star Spotlight

'The Super Hero Squad Show' Supervising Producer Cort Lane looks back at some of the show's memorable guest stars!

We're counting down to the release of "The Super Hero Squad Show: The Infinity Gauntlet Vol. 2" on DVD on Tuesday, November 22 with daily doses of your favorite Squaddies! Check back to Marvel.com every day for new behind-the-scenes looks, highlights from Sesaon 2 and more!

"The Super Hero Squad Show" featured its fair share of spectacular guest stars, and the six episodes contained on "The Infinity Gauntlet Vol. 2" have some special surprises for fans! We asked the show's Supervising Producer and Vice President, Animation Development & Production Cort Lane to share what it was like working with the special guest stars on the six Season 2 episodes contained on the DVD, so without further ado here's what he had to say!

Recording sessions for "The Super Hero Squad Show" were always crazy, raucous, and hilarious. But the best days were when we would invite celebrity guest stars into the asylum. There were four that made all my fan-boy dreams come true.

George Takei voices Galactus on "The Super Hero Squad Show"
George Takei (Galactus)

When we cast Galactus for our Season 1 finale we realized we needed an incredibly deep voice, but just as funny; and honestly, George Takei ("Star Trek") came to mind instantly. He was so much fun and exactly what you’d expect, so we looked for a way to bring him back in Season 2. Since the Squad had already prevented him from devouring Earth, we created our own (wacky) version of the destruction of the Skrull throne world. And we giggled with every one of George’s line-reads.

Nightmare, voiced by Jim Parsons, from "The Super Hero Squad Show"
Jim Parsons (Nightmare)

I am a great fan of "The Big Bang Theory," and asked to cast Jim Parsons as Nightmare--though I had no idea if he could play it big enough for animation. And he played Nightmare huge in Season 2, Episode 9. We actually had to pull him back a little. He had a blast going so over-the-top and actually seemed grateful for letting him come over to play.

Katee Sackhoff voices She-Hulk in "The Super Hero Squad Show"
Katee Sackhoff (She-Hulk)

I confess that I wanted to cast Katee Sackhoff ("Battlestar Galactica") from day one of Season 1. I had wanted her to play Ms. Marvel but she was not available--which turned out great because Grey DeLisle made the character hilarious and was on-hand to give us other great performances (such as Enchantress). But when She-Hulk finally came up I crossed my fingers and tried again. Nobody plays a tough woman better than Katee Sackhoff. And her flirting scenes in Season 2, Episode 11 with Tom Kenny as Iron Man were perfectly awkward.

Mark Hamill voices Chthon in "The Super Hero Squad Show"
Mark Hamill (Chthon)

With Mark Hamill ("Star Wars"), you know you’re getting a voice-acting legend. He’s worked with Charlie Adler (our Doctor Doom) countless times over the years and they’re both famous for being funny curmudgeons between takes. So having them play off each other on the show was as much for our entertainment as for the audience's. Mark played Red Skull (Doom’s personal hero) in Season 1, and we also cast him as Chthon. Mark was sublime in both parts so we brought both characters back in Season 2. Here in Episode 13 we piled the humiliation on Chthon as the unwilling love-slave of the super-annoying Coco Von Doom, a part we created especially for Charlie.

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I watch the super hero squad show with my little brother, I think the show is great but would like to see a PG-13 version for teens on DVD. You know for viewers my age.