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Iron Man: Extremis

The 5 Coolest Moments From Iron Man: Extremis

With 'Iron Man: Extremis' now available in the 'Marvel Knights Animation Collection,' look back at the series' 5 coolest mome

With the "Marvel Knights Animation Collection" now in stores, Marvel.com will bring you a spotlight on each of the five series collected within all this week! Bringing together "Astonishing X-Men: Gifted," "Iron Man: Extremis," "Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers," "Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D." and "Black Panther," the "Marvel Knights Animation Collection" on DVD gives you hours worth of Marvel animated action. Come back to Marvel.com every day this week for a new look at each series!

By Taylor Bradbury

"Iron Man: Extremis" redefines everything you thought you knew about the Armored Avenger. This groundbreaking series offers a new origin, deeper character motivation, an overwhelming villain, and new powers for Tony Stark. Originally written by Warren Ellis with art by Adi Granov, the epic story is adapted to original comic animation flawlessly in the Marvel Knights Animation series.

In honor of the "Marvel Knights Animation Collection," we’ve chosen our five favorite moments from the series. Check them out and pick up "Iron Man: Extremis" as part of the "Marvel Knights Animation Collection," now on sale!

5) Birth of a Monster
Our villain emerges like an ugly, murderous moth! Head sticking out of a cocoon, Mallen awakens from the Extremis process alive, craving the destruction of the future.

insert Mallen emerges from the Extremis process in "Iron Man: Extremis"

4) The Arms Race
Always on the cutting edge of technology, Tony Stark invents the smart phone and 3G in 2005, 2 years before the first iPhone!

Tony Stark shows off his new tech in "Iron Man Extremis"

3) Iron Man vs. Mallen
Iron Man is thoroughly beaten when Tony’s tech is easily overpowered by Mallen’s speed, strength, and abilities. Tony realizes too late he’s lost the arms race, and his body pays the price.

Mallen takes Shellhead down in "Iron Man: Extremis"
Tony puts Mallen in his sights in "Iron Man: Extremis"

2) The Death of Tony Stark
Seconds before undergoing the Extremis process, Tony Stark dies on the operating table! Talk about a cliffhanger…

The death of Tony Stark in "Iron Man: Extremis"

1) Iron Man Upgraded
How cool is it when your favorite hero gets new powers? Enhanced by Extremis and sporting some serious upgrades, Iron Man confronts Mallen in this epic final battle.

Tony receives an upgrade in "Iron Man: Extremis"
The new Iron Man in "Iron Man: Extremis"

To see these heartstopping battles and more, pick up "Iron Man: Extremis" in the "Marvel Knights Animation Collection," now on DVD!

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this animation cool it make you want to read more


very cool. left me wanting moar

camcan member

I love this storyline! The art was awesomely graphic...