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Blade Anime

Essential Blade

Look back at past incarnations of the Daywalker as we get ready for the 'Blade' anime premiere Friday!

By Marc Strom

"Blade" anime

Blade launches into his own anime series this Friday, January 13 at 11:00 p.m. ET on G4 in a story that will adopt a number of aspects from the vampire hunter’s past mythos.

First appearing in 1973 in the pages of TOMB OF DRACULA #10, Blade has gone up against some of the biggest vampires known to man in his time. He’ll face a number of new challenges in his upcoming anime as he travels throughout Asia facing the vampires of Japan, Vietnam and more.

But before Blade sets out on his latest adventure, look back with Marvel.com at some of his past history and incarnations.

Birth of a Vampire Hunter

Blade's first appearance in Tomb of Dracula #10

The vampire Deacon Frost fed on Tara Brooks while she gave birth to her son, Eric, the man who would become Blade. This act gave Eric several vampiric traits, such as an elongated lifespan and enhanced strength, while still allowing him to withstand sunlight, earning him the title “Daywalker.”

The young Eric eventually discovered the origin of his abilities and began training to hunt down Deacon Frost and all other vampires, a lifelong quest which he still follows to this day. Eventually crossing paths with Quincy Harker and his allies as they hunted down the notorious Dracula, Blade joined with them for a short time before eventually meeting Hannibal King.

King, a private detective-turned-vampire by Deacon Frost, helped Blade track Frost down. Eventually the two confronted the villainous vampire and put a stop to his plans, ending the threat of Deacon Frost in a final cataclysmic battle.

Since then, Blade has continued his war on vampires across the world, most recently joining forces with Captain Britain and MI-13 in facing off once with Dracula before helping the X-Men repel an invasion of vampires in San Francisco.

Blade Hits The Silver Screen

"Blade" starring Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes brought the Daywalker to the silver screen beginning with “Blade” in 1998. Featuring Deacon Forst, played by Stephen Dorff, as the main villain, Blade’s first feature film introduced the characters to a whole new audience and spawned two sequels, “Blade II” and “Blade: Trinity.” The third film also brought Hannibal King, played by Ryan Reynolds, into the mix as he and Blade teamed up with Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel), a character created for the films.

Blade: The Series

"Blade: The Series"

Set after the events of “Blade: Trinity,” “Blade: The Series” saw Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones take on the role of the Daywalker for 13 hour-long episodes. The series begins when a military vet, Krista Starr, returns home to find her brother has died under mysterious circumstances. While hunting down her brother’s killer, Krista discovers he served as a servant to vampires. She becomes enmeshed in the undeads’ world, infiltrating the House of Chthon and joining forces with Blade to bring them down.

Tune in to the premiere of "Blade" this Friday, January 13 at 11:00 p.m. ET, only on G4!

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