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Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series

Spider-Man & His Ultimate Friends: Nova

A new Human Rocket blasts into 'Ultimate Spider-Man'!

By Marc Strom

When fans tune in to the premiere of “Ultimate Spider-Man” on Disney XD April 1, they’ll find a familiar hero with a new face in Sam Alexander, the next Nova.

In the comics, Earth’s resident member of the Nova Corps has long been Richard Rider, but for Spidey’s new animated series the creators decided to put an all-new teen hero under the Human Rocket’s helmet.

Nova from "Ultimate Spider-Man"

“Nova is an enormously popular character,” notes Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb. “When the decision in publishing was for Rich Rider to sacrifice himself [at the climax of THE THANOS IMPERATIVE] we wanted to respect that.   We all know that there are other members of the Nova Corp and this is the story of one such member --Sam Alexander.”

As fans get to know Sam, they’ll discover a hero with a lot of potential, if not a lot of experience.

“He’s very much like Peter Parker was at the beginning of Spidey’s career--he’s got a lot to prove,” remarks Loeb. “The difference is that Sam comes with a full blown attitude—which, as we may suspect, might be covering up some insecurities.”

Nova will join Spider-Man, Iron Fist, White Tiger and Power Man to form a team of young heroes put together by S.H.I.E.L.D. so that they can learn how to better use their abilities. Within that group, each member brings their own unique attitude, and Nova’s no exception.

“He’s very funny--often at his own expense,” says Loeb. “Nova sees himself as a natural leader. Unfortunately, he’s the only one who sees himself that way. While he and Spidey are often at odds, we’ll see that friendship grow as the series goes on.”

In creating a completely new character, Loeb and the show’s writers and producers were able to imbue him with characteristics that make him stand out from the rest of the heroes.

“He has very different voice than the rest of the cast,” reveals Loeb. “He doesn’t quite know the limitations of his powers, so while there’s an irreverence that’s great fun, he’s also got a lot to learn.”

Loeb has high hopes for Sam, and rightfully so, as the new Nova isn’t one to sit on the sidelines.

“We’re huge Nova fans as well, so rest assured Nova will be front and center with the heavy-duty action.  There’s no task he’s not willing to get into and that bravery--even at personal risk--will put him in harm’s way more often than not. He loves playing the hero, so look for Nova to be the breakout star of the series!”

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Your prediction is incorrect Spideronly, it actually looks like a fun show.


Prowler should have been in this group IMO


Really looking forward to this show and the team is excellent!

spideronly1 plus member

And Spider-Man is my favorite hero hands down

spideronly1 plus member

Prophecy: Ultimate Spider-Man is going to be the worst marvel show ever.


he should already have nova corp training, why does he need shield training?


is this where his alternate costume for ultimate Marvel vs capcom 3 came from?


Not real fond of this. Rich Rider is and always will be NOva. When are you guys going to realize no one likes it when you substitute new people for existing heroes. We all know Rich did not die at the end of the Thanos imperitive, and that he will return eventually.