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Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series

Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Villains

We get the scoop on Spidey's Ultimate villains!

By Marc Strom

When your Friendly Neighborhood Wallcrawler returns to animated television in “Ultimate Spider-Man” April 1 on Disney XD, he’ll bring a number of classic Marvel villains with him.

As we countdown to the series premiere inside the Marvel Universe block on Disney XD, we sat down with “Ultimate Spider-Man” Associate Producer Harrison Wilcox to discuss four of the baddies you can expect to see.


Doctor Octopus of "Ultimate Spider-Man"

“Doctor Octopus is actually the design that we’ve played with the most,” remarks Wilcox. “He’s not the fat guy with a bowl cut. Before the series begins, he’s suffered a horrific injury and can’t use his arms or legs. He’s essentially atrophied to the point where his metal arms have to do his work for him. His suit acts as an iron lung, and he can’t survive outside of his suit.

“He works for Norman Osborn. He’s sort of subservient to Norman, but at the same time has his own agenda. He’s more about the science at the beginning of the series, and then as we get further along, the more he interacts with Spider-Man, the more obsessed Ock gets with capturing and eventually attempting to kill him.”


Doctor Doom of "Ultimate Spider-Man"

“Doctor Doom is a little bit different in this series,” says Wilcox. “We’re earlier in his continuity, if you wanted to compare him to the comics, because he isn’t the evil super villain yet. He’s a dictator, but he’s not living outside the law, he has an embassy in New York, and the first time Spidey and his gang meet him, they’ve actually gone to Latveria, so they’re the aggressors in the situation.

“He’s not a magician yet in our series. He’s just about the suit and the tech and the Doombots and all the fun of that. But he definitely is the biggest bad in the universe of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man.’”


The Trapster of "Ultimate Spider-Man"

“The Trapster is sort of Spidey’s go-to villain for the beginning of the season,” reveals Wilcox. “He’s not the intelligent inventor from the comic with a bag of tricks. On the show he’s all things glue gun. In this series, every time he and Spidey have fought, they make a big mess everywhere, and that’s sort of a catalyst for Nick Fury recruiting Spidey.”


Venom of "Ultimate Spider-Man"

“Venom actually has a completely new origin that we think the fans are really going to like in the series,” teases Wilcox. “I can’t really tell you too much about it without spoiling, but the symbiote has a link to Oscorp.”

“There’s an evolution to the suit in our series. It starts out in a more as a goo form, and then it becomes closer to the actual suit and continues to evolve further into something kind of frightening.”

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i hope they put villains like carnage, green goblin, lizard and mysterio


venom does look awsome, but he has no teeth and tongue. and doc oc looks kinda goth