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Magneto Attacks Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Iron Man meets the Master of Magnetism in this week's all-new episode!



By Chris Arrant

For almost three years, Marvel’s "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" animated series has shown viewers an innovative look at Tony Stark and his high-tech alter-ego. This 3D CGI series shows Tony as a teenager, dealing with the resources and responsibilities of being Iron Man in addition to being a red-blooded American teen. And at 8:30 p.m. ET on Nicktoons tomorrow, March 21, Iron Man is meeting up with a different variety of Marvel hero he’s never seen before: mutants.

Iron Man faces Magneto in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"

“In 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures,' mutants are just starting to emerge in society,” says Story Editor Brandon Auman, who wrote this episode. “For the past few years they've stayed hidden, keeping their powers a secret. The X-Men don't quite exist yet in our universe, but it's hinted that they will. Magneto isn't widely known, he's underground...but lately he's growing desperate. He needs the help of a certain mutant who can help him eliminate his adversaries, haters of mutantkind. Magneto is pretty ruthless in his methods, and now that he's starting to reveal himself, people are fearful of him. Of course Magneto doesn't care, he feels mutants are the next step of human evolution.”

Debuting March 21, the episode entitled “The X-Factor” finds Iron Man at odds with the mutant Master of Magnetism. Iron Man gets pulled into this struggle when his new-found friend Annie reveals that she is in fact the mutant Magneto’s after, and he’s determined to use her with or without her consent. Magneto’s after her to use as a weapon against a right-wing anti-mutant senator named Robert Kelly. In comics, Senator Kelly was instrumental in the Mutant Control Act as well as the reactivation of the mutant-hunting robots known as Sentinels. In "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" he hasn’t gone that far yet, and Magneto is hoping to keep it that way.

Magneto attacks Iron Man in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"

“He's very much the same Senator Kelly as he is in the classic comics; a racist, right wing politician who wants to impose rules out of fear,” reveals the writer. “He's pretty much the most dangerous aspect of society: Someone who has an outlet for spreading hate and prejudice, who is influencing large amounts of people. In some ways he's the main villain of the episode. Magneto is clearly Iron Man's adversary, but it's all triggered by Senator Kelly. Magneto wants to stop him, but without revealing that a mutant did it. He doesn't want Kelly to die a martyr."

Although Iron Man has only rarely crossed over with the mutant side of things in Marvel Comics, Auman brought mutants into "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" based on fan request and his own affinity for darker mutants like Magneto.

“Well, everyone loves the X-Men and I have a soft spot for mutant villains,” Auman admits. “The fans really wanted to see how our 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures' universe fits into the larger Marvel story. They wanted to see our take on classic characters, so we thought, why not Magneto as an Iron Man villain? He's a perfect adversary for our series. We wanted to make season two special by bringing in some of the coolest and most powerful super villains Marvel has to offer that make sense to our universe.”

Pepper and Rhodey help out in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"

Of all mutants, Magneto is inarguably the most dangerous to Iron Man given his control over metal. That was squarely in Auman’s mind when the idea of Magneto was first floated in the "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" offices. And when it came time to bring him in, they were sure to stick to the maligned mutant’s classic look.

“Magneto's got the classic helmet of course. He wears light metal armor that can protect him from attacks, and he can magnetically charge so he can fly. I never understood why Magneto would wear cloth outfits...why not wear what you can control?” explains Auman. “But the armor is not high-tech, it's simply normal metal armor, reminiscent of his past uniforms.”

This standalone episode of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" might not play into the larger story-arc of Tony facing Obadiah Stane and Mandarin, but the writer says it covers a lot of ground in building up the characters, and not just Iron Man.

“We'll have several standalone episodes for the final 13 [episodes], and I think they're some of the best episodes of season two,” elaborates Auman. “But in the larger context of things, I think this last part of the season will delve deeper into the characters of Tony, Rhodey and Pepper...even Gene Khan. We'll discover things about them that you've never known, aspects both good and bad. ‘The X-Factor’ episode will reveal things about Pepper that may surprise you."

Magneto attacks Iron Man in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"
A mysterious new student in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"
Tony and company make a new friend in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"
A new student arrives in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"

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and considering its an xmen gues apearence Im guesing the secret about pepper is that she is a mutant


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