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Iron Man: Armored Adventures Animated Series

Cort Lane & Romain van Liemt Produce Iron Man

We chat with the producers of 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures' as Season 2, Vol. 1 hits DVD!

By Christina Pham

The “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” Season 2, Volume 1 DVD made its debut this week, but we’re not ready to stop sharing exciting news about Shellhead and his friends just yet! To celebrate the DVD’s release, we’re letting you in on more Armored Adventures action with an exclusive interview, featuring two of the brains behind the series, Supervising Producers Cort Lane and Romain van Liemt!

Lane’s credits should be very familiar to Marvel fans, as the Vice President of Animation Development and Production for Marvel TV has previously served as Producer on season one of “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” and Supervising Producer on “The Super Hero Squad Show” and the current “Ultimate Spider-Man” series inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD!

Screenshot from "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Season 2, Vol. 1, now on DVD

Coming from French animation, van Liemt is a newer addition to the Marvel Universe, but one who has proven to fit right in. He’s written and produced episodes of “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” since its beginning in 2008, and has also worked on “Skyland,” “Cosmic Quantum Ray” and “Le Petit Prince.” Since then he’s returned as Supervising Producer on Iron Man’s second season.

Now read on and find out what Lane and van Liemt have to say about season two, and don’t forget to pick up Season 2, Vol. 1 of “Iron Man: Armored Adventures,” on sale now!

Marvel.com: What made you decide to make Brandon Auman the Story Editor on season two?

Cort Lane: Brandon was one of our very best writers on season one, so when Chris Yost was unavailable for season two, he personally recommended Brandon. It all worked out fantastically as Brandon built upon the storylines Chris had established and added fresh ideas, new relationships and even bigger action.

Romain van Liemt: It takes very special skills to helm the writing of a series like “Iron Man: Armored Adventures.” First and foremost, you have to be a fan of the Marvel Universe, and know everything about its characters and story arcs. That's the easy part, the part we all share. Then, you have to grasp all the technical aspects of the show. “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” [isn’t] your usual animated series; it's a CGI show. Luckily, Brandon has worked on the “Dead Space” videogame series on top [of] his animation experience, so he knew how to play the CGI card right and how to maximize the [show’s] visual potential.

Screenshot from "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Season 2, Vol. 1, now on DVD

Marvel.com: Were there any challenges you faced given the considerable time between seasons one and two?

Romain van Liemt: What may have felt like a considerable time between seasons for the fans wanting to know what would happen to Tony and his friends, felt like a split second to us. “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” is such a complex series to produce, which requires so much time and dedication because of its unique CGI look, that we were already working on season two before one was over.

Marvel.com: How did you aim to make season two different from one?  What did you try focusing on more?

Cort Lane: We knew we wanted to up our game with even larger stakes, more guest-stars, and of course, more armor. Introducing our own version of Armor Wars and leveraging Marvel’s biggest menaces, like Doctor Doom and Magneto, gave us the opportunity to tell big stories we knew the audience would be excited to see.

Screenshot from "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Season 2, Vol. 1, now on DVD

Romain van Liemt: We [also] wanted to pay homage to all of the great stories that made the Iron Man comics so popular for the past 50 years. “Armor Wars” is a huge story arc, and we just had to include it. More recently, stories like “Extremis” helped redefine the character, and retelling it in our series [was] really fun. Oh, and Iron Man 2099! I had such fond memories of the 2099 alternate universe.

Marvel.com: On the flip side, what elements and stories from season one did you know you wanted to expand upon in season two?

Cort Lane: We left the season one finale with some huge cliffhangers: Will Tony be reunited with his father? Will the Mandarin collect all 10 Makluan rings and use them to rule the world? We had to use those threads throughout season two.

Romain van Liemt: When we re-imagined the Mandarin, we knew from the start where we were heading. Collecting the first five rings in season one meant he became a truly powerful villain, but collecting the full set of 10 had to lead to something world-shattering!

Pick up “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” Season 2, Volume 1 on DVD now, and come back tomorrow to hear from series Story Editor Brandon Auman & check out exclusive artwork!

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