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Super Hero Squad

Super Hero Squad: How to Wield an Infinity Gauntlet

We list our 5 favorite uses of the Infinity Gauntlet in 'The Super Hero Squad Show,' now on DVD!

By Christina Pham

Hero Up, Squaddies! The fourth and final DVD installment of “The Super Hero Squad Show” Season 2 hit stores this week, and now we’re bringing you what we believe are the Top 5 Uses of the Infinity Gauntlet from “The Super Hero Squad Show: Infinity Gauntlet Vol. 4” DVD!

Dark Surfer wields the Infinity Gauntlet in "The Super Hero Squad Show"

With the Time, Power, Reality, Space, Mind and Soul stones in the Dark Surfer’s wrongful possession, the possibilities appeared endless, which really pushed the Squaddies’ buttons. Which Infinity Gauntlet occasion comes to mind for you? Read on to see if your favorite moment made the list, and pick up “The Super Hero Squad Show: Infinity Gauntlet Vol. 4” now to see them all for yourself!

5. Erased
Captain Marvel has a plan to help save the universe, which entails sacrificing himself to give Ms. Marvel his cosmic powers. Before the good Captain can accomplish this, however, Dark Surfer utilizes the Reality Stone, erasing Captain Marvel and leaving Ms. Marvel only with enough power to open a portal to the Negative Zone. Game. Set. Match.

Captain Marvel in "The Super Hero Squad Show"

4. Captain Marvel’s Complete 12 Days of Krees-mas Ornament Collection
Dark Surfer activates the gauntlet’s Time Stone to bring back Captain Marvel’s ornament collection, only to destroy them immediately and without hesitation. What a way to hit someone’s soft spot. What a monster!

3. It’s raining cats and dogs (and inanimate objects!)
Dark Surfer uses the powers of all the stones combined to prove he’s capable of hitting the Squaddies with anything. He hurls penguins, fish, elephants, flowerpots, plumbing supplies and comets at our heroes, just to name a few. We get the point, Dark Surfer. Thank goodness for Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel’s Cosmic Shields!

Dark Surfer multiplies himself in "The Super Hero Squad Show"

2. Dark Surfer X 6
After trapping Ms. Marvel in the Soul Stone and taking her new cosmic powers, Dark Surfer uses the rest of the Infinity Stones to clone himself. He takes the color of each stone and sets out to destroy our heroes! On the bright side, each Squaddies’ trait counters each one of the stones!

1. It’s time to Hero Up! (Not)
Iron Man calls his fellow Squaddies into action, but not if Dark Surfer has anything to say about it--and he does. While Shellhead leads the show’s usual “Hero Up” sequence, Dark Surfer activates the Infinity Gauntlet’s Power Stone to freeze him in his tracks. And when Thor comes up for his appearance, the evil Surfer makes Mjolnir go out of control. Long story short, Thor unwillingly slashes the signature “Super Hero Squad” logo in half. Talk about stealing the Son of Asgard’s thunder…

Pick up “The Super Hero Squad Show: Infinity Gauntlet Vol. 4” on DVD now!

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