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Animated Exclusive: Mandarin & Crimson Dynamo

See exclusive art featuring some of Iron Man most powerful enemies from ''Iron Man: Armored Adventures''!



Can't wait for the next episode of your favorite Marvel Animated Series? Fear not, True Believers, because is here to alleviate your animation addiction with never before seen content from Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man: Armored Adventures and The Super Hero Squad Show!

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Witness Iron Man's journey into adulthood in the animated series "Iron Man: Armored Adventures". Follow Tony as he juggles homework, dating, hanging out with friends and saving the world!

Check out some exclusive concept art featuring The Mandarin, Ghost and Crimson Dynamo from ''Iron Man: Armored Adventures''!:



They call him Ghost, but he’s much more ghastly then he appears. A hired assassin who enjoys not only money and destruction, but a heavy dose of sarcasm as well! Watch him go hand-to-hand with Iron Man in episode 17 of Iron Man Armored Adventures, “Chasing Ghosts.”






MANDARIN STRIKES! Harnessing the power of the Makluan rings, The Mandarin is capable of controlling a multitude of elements including lighting and ice. What other powers do The Mandarin’s rings provide?







STOMP!! Will Iron Man be able to avoid destruction at the hands of The Crimson Dynamo? Find out in "Iron Man vs. the Crimson Dynamo," episode 5 of "Iron Man Armored Adventures"!





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