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Iron Man: Armored Adventures Animated Series

Sean McKeever Rescues Pepper in Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Writer Sean McKeever looks back at putting Pepper in her own suit in 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures,' now on DVD!

By Christina Pham

Pepper Potts suits up as Rescue in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"

"Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Season 2, Volume 4 hit DVD this week--along with the Complete Second Season, available exclusively at Amazon.com--and to give you a better glimpse at what to expect, we spoke with Sean McKeever, writer of the "Dragon Seed" episode which placed series star Pepper Potts in her very own armor, Rescue, for the first time in the series!

An Eisner-winning comic book author, McKeever is best know to Marvel fans for his work on SENTINEL, MARY JANE and GRAVITY, before writing "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Season 2, Episode 24, a story that draws its roots from the "Dragon Seed Saga" that ran from IRON MAN #270-275.

“The story is definitely inspired by [that] classic tale,” he tells us. “[But] for inspiration, I only had to look at what the 'Armored Adventures' team had produced to date. They put their own, unique stamp on the Iron Man mythos, [which] I instantly adored.”

Iron Man down but not out in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"

In "Dragon Seed," now available in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Season 2, Volume 4, fans see two things happen: Tony surprises Pepper with the Rescue armor and Mandarin learns the truth about his past and the Makluan rings. With that being said, one of McKeever’s goals was to convey a sense of tradition for the audience.

“To me, this was a story about passing on traditions, both in the case of Gene having become the Mandarin, and in Pepper becoming the ever-awesome Rescue,” shares the writer.

Speaking of which, Pepper suiting up was McKeever’s favorite moment.

"Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Season 2, Vol. 4 now on DVD

“I really love what the animation team did [when Pepper tried] the Rescue armor for the first time…especially when she’s all ‘Choom! Choom!’” he imitates. “[It] cracks me up, was tons of fun to write [and] I think the version of Pepper on ‘Armored Adventures’ is the greatest. She’s so full of energy, love and bravery--such a terrific portrayal by Anna Cummer.”

Pepper fans may wonder why she was given a suit in this episode specifically. The writer reminds us that “Dragon Seed” marked the 50th episode of the series overall.

“Something momentous had to be done,” McKeever emphasizes. “I mean, something beyond Gene learning the incredible origin of the Makluan rings, Tony’s eighteenth birthday and the other big moment I won’t ruin for anyone reading this!

The Mandarin in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"

“It makes all the sense in the world for Tony to want Pepper armored up with him and Rhodey," he also adds. "Now these three best friends are on equal footing, truly sharing their greatest adventures together, which has got to mean the world to each of them--so long as they keep the world safe from the Mandarin long enough to enjoy it at least!”

During the transition from writing comices to animation, McKeever found himself focusing more on writing for the voice actors than for the artists.

“I feel I’ve always had a good ear for dialogue,” admits the award-winning author. “[In television,] you have to watch out for sentences that might read great in your head, but are super cumbersome to read aloud. I also have more control over the pacing in comics, so it was tough for me to know just how much dialogue and action I could fit in an episode. Overall though, I feel I tackled those problems pretty well, [and] I’m really happy with how my first foray into animation turned out!”

Pick up "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Season 2, Volume 4 and the Complete Second Season today on DVD!

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