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Earth's Mightiest Show

Watch Earth's Mightiest Show Episode 3

Host Blair Butler and the Earth's Mightiest Show crew explore Wonderland, chat with Brian Michael Bendis and more!

Welcome to the newest Marvel Original Video series, "Earth's Mightiest Show"! Hosted by Blair Butler, EMS spotlights the best in TV, movies, comic books, video games, gadgets and all the cool things you love. 

It's that time again, Earth’s Mightiest Show hits the Interwebs with a dollop of deliciousness that includes Deadpool Tacos! No, they're not actual tacos, just one of the coolest San Diego Comic-Con exclusives ever made! In this brand new episode, Host Blair Butler reports on the Deadpool delicacies, visits the Hasbro booth for more Marvel magnificence, chats with Naveen Andrews of "Lost" and now "Wonderland" fame and, whew, there's even more!

Hear what writer extraordinaire, Brian Michael Bendis has in store for the Marvel Universe and follow Earth's Mightiest Show correspondent Ben Begley as he meets some of the finest cosplayers this side of the universe. Plus, get all of the latest news direct from Comic-Con! It's Earth's Mightiest Show and it's packed with joys aplenty -- watch now!


Blair Butler and Brian Michael Bendis on Earth's Mightiest Show

Naveen Andrews on Earth's Mightiest Show

Blair Butler and Hasbro Toys on Earth's Mightiest Show

Title: Ben Begley and Lady Loki cosplayers on Earth's Mightiest Show

Ben Begley and Iron Man cosplayers on Earth's Mightiest Show

Hasbro's Deadpool Taco Truck on Earth's Mightiest Show

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