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The Avengers Hold Cort on Attuma

Cort Lane returns to look at Attuma's attack on New York in yesterday's all-new episode of 'Marvel's Avengers Assemble'!



By Christina Diem Pham

Attuma attacked our heroes at full speed during Sunday’s episode of “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD, and that was just the tip of the spear!

This super villain set to sink all of Manhattan as well, but fortunately for the island’s inhabitants, Hulk was there to hold them up…literally.

We sat down and dug into this episode, “Depth Charge,” with series Supervising Producer Cort Lane, and found out more about what’s in store for the show’s future.

Read on to get another fix of “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble,” and remember to tune in to Marvel Universe inside Disney XD every Sunday morning beginning at 11:00 a.m. ET for new episodes and more!

Hulk jumps into the spotlight as the team faces Attuma in "Marvel's Avengers Assemble" In this episode we meet Attuma of Atlantis--during the creative process, how was his character adapted for the show?

Cort Lane: It’s classic Attuma from the comics, who was a great threat to the Avengers early on…so what we did was translate that guy to the show. I do believe we beefed him up more in terms of power and strength though. In the initial fight, he can more than handle the Hulk and Thor, and he puts a real beat down on Iron Man later on. Basically we wanted him to be an epic-threat so he’d be worthy of joining the Cabal later on. And how did having Attuma in the picture highlight the Avengers’ ability to work together?

Cort Lane: This episode is really Hulk’s story. Often times, it’s about the dynamic between two characters--this one is about the whole team’s relationship with Hulk. Attuma was a means to get us to that point. He was stronger than Hulk initially but not in the end, [which] was a way to demonstrate the change in Hulk. His rage is harmful to his teammates, which underscores the message of the story: The Avengers need to figure out that Hulk really should be a part of the team because he can be a team player. And you mentioned the Cabal earlier. We don’t see Red Skull in this episode but he comes back, along with Attuma?

Attuma attacks New York in "Marvel's Avengers Assemble"

Cort Lane: Yes, you’ll see more of Attuma, which is like a lot of our villains in this series. They’re not only a threat on their own, but they control these armies of bad guys--Red Skull has his HYDRA goons, M.O.D.O.K. has the guys from A.I.M., and Attuma has Atlantean hoards to control, so they’re bigger threats as a result. At the beginning of this episode, we see Hulk’s level of compassion with the monster. How does his character continue to grow throughout the series, especially since this is his episode?

Cort Lane: Up until now, there has been an open question as to whether or not Hulk works well in a team environment. He’s disruptive, has rage issues, and doesn’t get along with everyone. [The Avengers] are a little scared of him and aren’t sure whether they can trust him in the heat of battle. This episode really puts that to rest for the team. Not only is Hulk the only one who figures out the monster isn’t attacking Manhattan in the teaser--it was running--[he’s] also the one that saves Manhattan from sliding into the ocean and is able to defeat Attuma in the end.

Captain America battles Attuma's Atlantean army in "Marvel's Avengers Assemble"

The trigger for much of Hulk’s success in the end is how he cares for his teammates. Seeing them get thrashed by Attuma drives the full-on gamma-rage that enables him to save the day. In turn, the Avengers see that his rage isn’t driven by pure rage, but by things that are of significance to him. From that point on, their relationship with him can evolve. As for your favorite part?

Cort Lane: My favorite moment was when Iron Man finds Hulk holding up all of Manhattan. Tony’s surprise at how truly powerful the Hulk is, is a big change for him. He calls him “big guy,” and his compassion for Hulk in that moment is a real sort of buddy moment you don’t normally get with the Hulk. It’s interesting to see such a loner character have those personal connections, so I really liked seeing that. All right, and what can fans look forward to in the next episode?

Cort Lane: “The Doomstroyer” is the next episode--it’s a big one because we’ve got the Destroyer, Loki, Doctor Doom and the Midgard Serpent. A few episodes back, we see Doctor Doom disappear into an Asgardian realm with the Midgard Serpent and don’t know what happens to him. We get to answer that question here!

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