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Marvel's Avengers Assemble

The Avengers Hold Cort on the Impossible Man

Supervising Producer Cort Lane & actor Tom Kenny talk about pitting the Avengers against the Impossible!

By Christina Diem Pham

Holy smokes, our heroes learned that anything might happen when Impossible Man, guest-voiced by Tom Kenny, came to town during Sunday’s episode of “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD!

During this episode, Falcon felt overlooked as one of Earth’s Mightiest, until big-shot director Impossible Man decided to make this newcomer the star of his new movie. And naturally, not everything went according to plan as Falcon learns a few lessons of his own about being a hero.

Iron Man flies through the New York skyline in "Marvel's Avengers Assemble"

This time around, we had a chat with series Supervising Producer Cort Lane and voice actor Tom Kenny as they delve into the episode more to give us all a better idea of how the story came together.

Apart from being a very familiar voice in the Marvel Animation Universe (Doctor Octopus in “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man” and Iron Man in “The Super Hero Squad Show”), Kenny also voices Spongebob in “Spongebob Squarepants” and the Ice King in "Adventure Time"! Now kick back, relax, and learn what tricks Impossible Man had up his sleeves!

Marvel.com: In this episode, you're Impossible Man. How did you decide what voice to give him?

Tom Kenny: A lot of this is just the voice you’ve heard in your head when you’ve been reading the comics your whole life. There’s a certain way he sounds. He’s a playful, upper-register wise guy kind of a voice. He’s not macho. He’s thin--his body is thin and his head is thin.

Marvel.com: As for warming up, do you have some sort of ritual you go through or anything you do to prepare for what voice you’re giving a character?

Tom Kenny: Any preparation I do is really just being familiar with what’s happening, [from] reading scripts [to] researching. [There’s] a great voice cast on this show, [so when] you’re in good company, it makes it easy to pull you in.

Falcon faces the Impossible Man in "Marvel's Avengers Assemble"

Marvel.com: We’ve mentioned before how each episode zones in on the relationships between the characters, and Falcon felt as though he wasn’t getting as much attention as the other Avengers. Yet Cap and Iron Man had to keep him levelheaded. Can you address Falcon’s issue?

Cort Lane: Falcon feeling like he’s not getting attention is his insecurity that he isn’t up to the other level of the Avengers. We’ve had moments like that before [in previous episodes]. He knows that being a hero is really about doing the right thing…this episode is about Falcon’s belief in himself, and Impossible Man gets him there, by his words and crazy actions.

Marvel.com: Since the show is geared towards a younger audience, what kind of message can the kids take away from this?

Cort Lane: It’s the nature of heroism. It isn’t about being acknowledged. It’s about the great feeling you feel when you’ve helped others. Falcon needed to remind of that. Belief in yourself is the thing that gets you through a challenge. It’s courage in a difficult situation, which Falcon has to also remind himself of at the end of the episode.

The Avengers unite against the Impossible Man in "Marvel's Avengers Assemble"

Marvel.com: What first comes to mind when I ask about your favorite moment?

Cort Lane: My favorite was when Impossible Man is so unimpressed with the Avengers. He calls Hulk “Gorilla Verde,” Iron Man “Can Man,” and Thor “Thundervore.” Tom is a great voice actor and brings something fresh, along with improvisations as well. It was very clear that with lines like those, we needed Tom.

Tom Kenny: [I liked] where Impossible Man reimagines himself and Falcon as starring in a lame, small wonder-type sitcom with a laugh track and everything. As far as a guy who loves his job, my favorite line was at the end of the episode, where there was a chyron that read, “the Impossible Man will return”! I was like, “Yeah, all right!”

Marvel.com: Cort, what can fans look forward to in the next episode? Or rather, what can you share with us?

Cort Lane: It has a suspenseful quality to it because Iron Man and Cap disguise themselves as villains to infiltrate the Red Skull’s Cabal. It’s not just the Cabal, but the horrors they control too.

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