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Marvel's Avengers Assemble

The Avengers Hold Cort on Red Skull's Cabal

Supervising Producer Cort Lane & Liam O'Brien, voice of the Red Skull, pull the curtain back on the Cabal!

By Christina Diem Pham

This time around, Captain America and Iron Man went “In Deep” to infiltrate the Cabal during Sunday’s all-new episode of “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD!

Our heroes sneakily disguised themselves as villains to get an inside scoop on Red Skull’s battle plans, and the challenges in front of them tested their ability to work together, leader with leader.

Join us as we chat with Supervising Producer Cort Lane and Liam O’Brien, the talented voice of the Red Skull! O’Brien has voiced several characters in the Marvel Animation Universe, and while he’s mostly played villains throughout his career, Red Skull stands out as the baddest of them all!

Read on to learn more about “In Deep,” and remember to catch Earth’s Mightiest on “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” every Sunday inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD beginning at 8:00 a.m. ET!

The Red Skull in "Marvel's Avengers Assemble"

Marvel.com: Our heroes literally go in deep during this episode--Iron Man and Cap infiltrate the Cabal, which is quite dangerous to say the least. How does the mission highlight the relationship between Cap and Iron Man?

Cort Lane: They’ve been a little bit at odds throughout the season so far because their leadership styles are so different. Cap questions Tony’s ability to strategize, plan, and bring the team together, [while] Iron Man questions Cap’s relevance today given the challenge and technology they have to deal with. They come to understand each other a lot better [in this episode], and Cap realizes Tony can strategize through quick thinking, which they desperately need since they’re in a tight situation.

Marvel.com: Ok, and how do their findings set them up for future battles with Red Skull and the Cabal?

Cort Lane: They know Red Skull is trying to build the Cabal, and now they’re really faced with who the Cabal is. [They realize] these villains are big bads in the Marvel Universe--not just henchmen for Red Skull, but real threats individually. The Cabal also has to really come together as a team after this, and we get to see them operate as a unit from now on.

Marvel.com: As for you, Liam, how do you get into the zone for Red Skull’s character, since he is pretty evil?

Liam O’Brien: Well, you just scrub out any compassion for humans. The world has been dead to me for years (laughs). He’s hungered from an early age to control, and I think he’s like any great leader, or war monger, like Genghis Khan. He [has a] singular purpose, and everything in front of him is a stepping stone to get what he wants.

Iron Man & Captain America infiltrate the Cabal as Grim Reaper & Crossbones in "Marvel's Avengers Assemble"

Marvel.com And you’re no stranger to the Marvel Animation Universe. You’ve done voices for us before. What’s it like coming back each time?

Liam O’Brien: I was a big Marvel fan as a kid. It’s a geek’s dream come true every time I get to come back. I [have played] a lot of villains, so my first visit for “Wolverine and the X-Men” as Nightcrawler and Angel was nice. I got to play with the good guys for once, but I’m playing to my strengths with Red Skull in coming back and stepping on people’s necks.

Marvel.com: What’s your favorite part about working on the show, apart from voicing Red Skull?

Liam O’Brien: It’s a really fun cast, now more than ever…and the people in the room are some of my best friends. I know Troy Baker (Hawkeye), Travis Willingham (Thor) and Laura Bailey (Black Widow) very well. They’re close friends of mine, so it’s good to come and…clash back and forth. You don’t get much bigger than the Avengers, so it’s a high-water mark for my career.

Marvel.com: Perfect! Now for the both of you – what were your favorite moments in the episode?

Liam O’Brien: [Definitely] getting a good look at Skull’s tech and getting to see more of his plan [since] he’s been popping in, shaking his fists and running off throughout the episodes leading up to this. What I like about it, and what our heroes are finding out, is he’s been building this Cabal, but he’s not getting henchmen. He could control [henchmen], but he’s taking major players from around the globe that are just as dangerous as he is. He [can] barely control [them], if at all. If he can’t control them, it’ll all fall apart, but if he can keep these guys going in the direction he wants, it’s a serious threat, and I feel like this is the first time we get an idea of that in the show.

The Red Skull wields Attuma's power in "Marvel's Avengers Assemble"

Marvel.com: How about you Cort?

Cort Lane: I really enjoy the bickering between Cap and Tony, and the scene where Tony floods Leviathan to stop the villains. Cap is horrified that that was actually his plan, which wasn’t a good plan. Another thing for me is to see the Cabal bickering and talking to each other. We went into this episode knowing it was a real change of pace. We started out with a villain P.O.V. through much of it because we didn’t want to give away that Cap and Tony were in disguise. Seeing Red Skull try to control these other big personalities [is great], and keep in mind that in the room, these actors are really big personalities…so seeing Liam order them around and control them, all with that accent…Liam does a really great job at making him scary, threatening, and creepy while keeping him a fun character.

Liam O’Brien: Also, one thing I really loved about this episode is Hawkeye in disguise as Captain America, and wrestling with the old-timey lingo (laughs)!

Marvel.com: And Cort, to build off of the power struggle between the show’s villains, how does this episode set up the remainder of the season?

Cort Lane: Well after this experience, it’s clear to the villains that they have to start working together. They become more unified as the villain team, and you get to see when they recruit the next member. They operate really well [as a threat to] the Avengers because it becomes much harder each time. Frankly by the end of the season, they truly are unstoppable.

Liam O’Brien: Woo hoo!

Marvel.com: Anything else either of you would like to add?

Liam O’Brien: Hail HYDRA!

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