Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today Now Available on DVD

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Marvel fans now have the chance to witness the epically brutal battle between one of Marvel’s greatest heroes, Wolverine, and the ruthless cyborg villain Deathlok the Demolisher. Eisner Award nominees Jason Aaron (THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, WOLVERINE) and artist Ron Garney (HULK, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) team-up to deliver the exciting comic book action adventure "Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today." This adrenaline pumping story captures Wolverine’s life as it becomes more complicated when cybernetic robots from the future embark on a super hero killing spree, and the only person who can help is a young waitress who insists that she knows him--or at least, the person he will become. Marvel Knights Animation’s Get "Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today" now on DVD for the first time on home entertainment shelves from Shout! Factory.

Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today

DVD box art by Ron Garney
This highly anticipated Marvel Knights Animation feature boasts unparalleled storytelling combined with rich visual animation and an exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus feature that provides an intimate look at the development and production process of this amazing story. This deluxe DVD is collected in a unique comic book style packaging that bridges the comic book to DVD concept.

Marvel Knights Animation remains true to the heritage of panel-by-panel graphic storytelling, boasting groundbreaking illustrations, sensational soundscapes, and of course, the explosiveness of the mighty Marvel universe. Behind every image and every word lies the genius of Marvel’s celebrated creators.


The future is controlled by a malevolent mega-corporation known as Roxxon--which keeps its tight grip on society through the use of cyborgs, the Deathloks, whose sole purpose is to seek out current and future vigilantes--and neutralize them with extreme prejudice. Now, in order to prevent Roxxon's rise and the eventual slaughter of the world's heroes, Wolverine must join forces with a mysterious woman possessing unexplained knowledge of the coming dystopia. He won't give up until the Deathloks are stopped, but what hope is there to prevent a future that has already come to pass?

Special Bonus Content:

Brand-New Exclusive DVD Featurette that takes viewers into the creation of the Marvel Knights Animation title, "Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today."

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why are they doing this as if the artwork is something to be proud of. it's like they went back to the 60's...it just looks dumb. like cardboard cutouts..moving their heads then arms. gosh this is the stupidest looking artwork since the 60's.  but I can deal with the 60's artwork cause IT WAS THE 60'S. but in this day and time, nothing less than stupid how many units will did you sell marvel with this crap? how many? I'm floored at this.


@pascus It's really just laughable and it just goes to show you that Marvel Animation is completely clueless... If you want an real animated universe Marvel talk to the king... Bruce Timm.  Disney has got enough money to hire him...

gloomyharvester member


I don't think it's completely horrible.  There is room for improvement, but that's what happens with new things, they improve.  I'm willing to give it a chance.