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Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series

Check Out 5 Of Spider-Man's Boldest Fashion Statements

Prepare for "Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors" with a run through of Spidey's most daring clothing choices!

In the newly announced "Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors," Spider-Man will be getting some help from a few familiar faces--familiar because some of them are faces Peter Parker has worn in the past, such as the Iron Spider uniform, or Agent Venom, who will don Pete's old symbiote!

While his costume may be the most iconic one in the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man hasn't been able to resist changing things up from time to time. Over the years, Spidey's donned a few different duds, sometimes throwing in a whole new code name and super hero identity into the mix as well. To get everyone pumped up for the new season of "Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors," here's a list of five of Spider-Man's most notorious alter-egos from the comics.


Amazing Spider-Man #252


Spider-Man's first big departure from the red and blues remains his most popular one to date. Spidey came back from an adventure on the alien Battleworld with more than just a story to tell. He brought with him a symbiotic goo that responded to his every whim, whipping up a new all-black Spider-Man look as well as street clothes with just the slightest thought. Once Parker learned that the suit had a mind and agenda of its own, though, he quickly replaced it with the next suit on this list.


      Listen, even Spider-Man has to improvise from time to time. After extracting the symbiote from his body in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #258, Parker had to resort to taking on the kinda humiliating Bag-Man costume just to protect his identity after leaving the Fantastic Four's lab. Don't be fooled: this spare FF uniform and a brown paper bag combo has become a bit of a fan favorite since its brief appearance.


          During a battle with the Tri-Sentinel--three times deadlier than a regular Sentinel!--Spider-Man came to possess the Uni-Power. The special power set travels the cosmos, possessing people in times of crisis and turning them into Captain Universe. In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #329, Spider-Man used his new skills to prevent Loki and the Tri-Sentinel from turning New York City into a nuclear disaster area. Then, the Uni-Power went on to find the next person in need.

          4. IDENTITY CRISIS

          Amazing Spider-Man #435

          Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #435 Cover

          After getting framed for murder by Norman Osborn, Peter Parker had no choice but to adopt four new identities--Ricochet, Hornet, Dusk, and Prodigy--to clear his name. Each costume utilized different aspects of his powers, and the quartet of new alter egos allowed for Spider-Man to stretch his fashion design skills. Four college students would later adopt the abandoned identities and call themselves the Slingers.

          5. IRON SPIDER

          When you're pals with Tony Stark, it's hard to convince the guy to just get you a gift card for a present. To show just how much Iron Man appreciated Peter Parker choosing his side during the super hero civil war, Stark created the Iron Spider armor. Cast in the familiar red and gold color scheme, this outfit closely tied to Iron Man's pro-super hero registration team--meaning that Spider-Man quickly shoved this one into the back of his closet as soon as he switched over to Captain America's side.



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          jprocks1 member

          Personally I like Todd McFarlane's version the best.