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The Spectacular Spider-Man Debuts this Saturday!

Spidey-fans, the moment you've been waiting for is nearly here! This Saturday your friendly-neighborhood webhead swings into action in an all-new cartoon when "The Spectacular Spider-Man" debuts on the CW's Kids WB! at 10:00 a.m. EST! The one-hour premiere event features two back-to-back episodes that see Spidey facing off against the likes of the Vulture, the Enforcers and Electro...and that's not to mention the troubles awaiting him as he returns to high-school! What does the Vulture want with Norman Osborn? Where do the Enforcers fit in all of this? And can Peter survive tutoring the popular-but-flighty Liz Allan? You'll have to tune in to catch the answers to these questions and more! When talking with Marvel.com about the show, producer and supervising director Vic Cook said fans can expect "fantastic arachnobatics, cool action, over-the-top fight scenes, drama, humor and a variety of awesome supervillains." In other words, everything you could ever ask for in a Spider-Man adventure! Whether you can remember buying Spidey's first appearance off the newsstands or have never seen him spin a web before, you can't afford to miss the premiere this Saturday as the legend of Spider-Man begins again in a fresh and modern light! Check out this special promo spot and get pumped for the premiere!
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