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Wolverine and the X-Men Animated Series

Wolverine And The X-Men DVD Debut

Own the three-episode arc that launched the hit Nicktoons series!

One year has passed since a mysterious explosion devastated Professor Charles Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, causing the leaderless X-Men to scatter and disband, but when a vision of Earth's future in chaos threatens the safety of the planet, the loner mutant Wolverine must unite his former team to steer the course of history away from total destruction. Watch the epic events unfold in "Wolverine and the X-Men: Heroes Return Trilogy" when the DVD hits shelves on April 21, 2009. The release is packed with special features including audio commentaries, a "Making of" featurette, and character profiles. As if that's not enough, Nicktoons Network is branding April as "Wolverine Month" to celebrate everyone's favorite Canucklehead with Taco Bell launching an April/May promotion that will distribute 1.8 million custom comics to its customers. On top of that, two new Wolverine video games are on their way: the Wolverine Search & Destroy online game and the Activision Wolverine Theatrical Video Game. All of the revelry leads up to the highly-anticipated release of the new Fox summer blockbuster live-action film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" starring Hugh Jackman, which hits theaters on May 1, 2009. Tune in for new episodes of "Wolverine and the X-Men" only on Nicktoons Network! Download episodes of X-Men: Evolutionicon now on iTunes! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything X-Men!
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