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X-Men: Evolution

Watch X-Men: Evolution Episode 50 Now

Stream episode 50 of the Emmy award-winning ''X-Men: Evolution'' animated series on Marvel.com, for free!

The Emmy award-winning animated show, "X-Men: Evolution" blasts forward on Marvel.com with Episode 50: "Ghost of a Chance."

A young mutant named Danielle Moonstar saves Kitty from danger and Kitty gets her to join the Institute. Soon Danielle's presence at the school causes the other students to have powerful nightmares. When Danielle disappears, nobody at the school seems to remember her except for Kitty, who still receives messages from the strange girl.

Stream all available episodes of X-Men: Evolution here, with new episodes appearing every Tuesday.

Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution", "Wolverine and the X-Men" and "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes" now on iTunes!



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Please Continue serial this is the best cartoone about X-mens.This cartoon has own story and x-mens young here.They fanny and cool espesialy Kyrt and Kitty.Wolverine and X-mens Cool too but this serial was long interesting espesialy.Please restore serial it would be very beatiful.But i don't Understand why Kitty with Lance i could understand if she be with nightcrawler or someone but Lance.Shorter please restore this nice cartoon