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Iron Man: Armored Adventures Animated Series

Animation Exclusive: IMAA Screenshots

Take a look at some exclusive screenshots from the Iron Man: Armored Adventures animated series!

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Witness Iron Man's journey into adulthood in the animated series "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" every Friday at 7 p.m. ET on Nicktoons. Follow Tony as he juggles homework, dating, hanging out with friends and saving the world!

Until then, check out some exclusive screen shots showing what Iron Man does best: saving the world and doing it in style!


A view from inside Iron Man’s high-tech chair, based out of Tony’s workshop. Tony’s best friend Rhodey can often be found manning this battle station while Iron Man is out on the front lines.




Iron Man is jet-set, on his way to save humankind….just in time to come back and finish his homework.




Iron Man takes on Crimson Dynamo in this action-packed scene from Iron Man Armored Adventures.



Iron Man blasting away Mandarin as their battle rages on!




Also, we wan't to know what you think about Tony's teenage years, so after you check out these sweet shots of the shellhead, don't forget to chime in on our "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" discussion, just login below and here are a couple of topics to consider:

  1. What other infamous villains has the young Iron Man faced off with?
  2. How man total rings is the Mandarin trying to acquire to complete his power?

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[quote@Stark0077 They need to cancel the show and make one with Tony as an adult.[/quote] I concur with this statement.


They need to cancel the show and make one with Tony as an adult.


For the answer to the second question, The Mandarin needs at least 5 rings, right? So it's pretty obvious how many more he needs to complete his power: he needs 2 more, but only AFTER the tests for each and every rings is passed. And I mean EVERY ring! And as for the first question, I can't think of any other infamous villains that Tony will have to fight later on in the series, except for the Iron Mongor. Which I have a feeling we'll be seeing soon in the series, am I right about that?