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Animation Exclusive: SHS Concept Sketches

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Can't wait for the next episode of your favorite Marvel Animated Series? Fear not, True Believers, because is here to alleviate your animation addiction with never before seen content from Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man: Armored Adventures and The Super Hero Squad Show!

Tune in to every day for brand new EXCLUSIVE screenshots, concept art, storyboards, style guides and more!



This Saturday, September 26th, at 8:30 AM, the Silver Surfer takes center stage in the critically acclaimed Super Hero Squad Show on Cartoon Network! Surfer heads off on his own, but Doctor Doom isn’t about to let our silver sentinel of the skyways enjoy some peace and quiet! As the bad guys make their play for the Surfer’s power, the Thing heads on a mission to save his friend and let Doom know it’s “Clobberin Time!”

“Wherever viewers happen to catch the show, they’ll be rewarded for their time, given Marvel Entertainment’s goal of pleasing every demographic possible. From quick wits and fart jokes to sizzling action and some subtle phantasmagoria, The Super Hero Squad Show works on enough levels to bring families together.”—Scott Thill, Wired.Com

To add to the excitement and fanfare of ''The Super Hero Squad Show,'' will deliver all the Super Hero Squad goods in full force. Each day, will feature a super rad character from ''The Super Hero Squad Show'' to give you an exclusive sneak peek at all the awesomeness that will blast through your television screens!

Here are some exclusive concept sketches from ''The Super Hero Squad Show!''


Dr. Doom and Iron Man go head to head for the Infinity Sword in this early promo artwork! Both very similar armor, yet very different as Iron Man uses pure technology and Dr. Doom incorporates elements of magic and mystique.


Dr. Doom’s dungeon appearing as unwelcoming as ever - with or without the final color element.



With a bevy of guest stars, including Abomination, M.O.D.O.K. and more, you can’t afford to miss this family friendly Super Hero team up unlike any in history! Tune into the Cartoon Network at 8:30 AM on Saturday to “Hero Up!” with your favorite characters in the Marvel Universe…or any other!

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It's finally here! Time to Hero Up with ''The Super Hero Squad Show!" Watch full episodes now!


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Supr Hero Squad rocks!! I have to work on the weekends so I don't get to see it right away, but I watch as soon as I get home. Rock on SHS!