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Iron Man: Armored Adventures Animated Series

Iron Man: Armored Adventures Ep 19 Preview

Check out images and the synopsis to tonight's episode of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"!

Boy-genius Tony Stark dons the Iron Man armor again to battle evildoers in the nineteenth episode of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures." Be there to watch "Man and Iron Man" tonight at 7 p.m. ET on Nicktoons, but before you do check out the synopsis and some stills courtesy of Marvel.com.

Tony and Rhodey Face Technovore!
In a moment of anger, Tony created a weapon... a computer virus called TECHNOVORE.  It was supposed to destroy itself when it completed its objective, but it didn’t.  Instead, the virus grew, spawned a horrific body, and began to hunger.  It consumes every piece of technology that it comes across, growing and adapting as it prepares to go out into the world. That is, unless Iron Man and Rhodey can stop it.  But where most villains see Iron Man as a challenge... Technovore sees him as a snack.


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