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Iron Man 2 Video Game

Iron Man 2: The Video Game Prologue Video

Watch this EXCLUSIVE prologue video detailing the story leading up to the events in 'Iron Man 2: The Video Game'

Prime your repulsors, fire up your jet boots, arm your shoulder cannons and get ready for some heavy metal action in "Iron Man 2: The Video Game."

Set for release on May 3 for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS and PSP, "Iron Man 2: The Video Game" allows you to take control of both Iron Man and War Machine across a massive game world. And while the game's story has some similarities to what you'll see in the upcoming blockbuster "Iron Man 2" movie, the game is full of its own twists, turns, swerves and awesome events.

If you're looking for some more info on the the game's story, we have you covered! Watch this brand new prologue trailer to "Iron Man 2: The Video Game" and get your copy on May 3!

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