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Iron Man 2 iPhone Videogame

Iron Man 2 iPhone and iPad Videogame Q&A

We chat with the developers of the 'Iron Man 2' game for iPhone and iPad to learn what went into making the game

"Iron Man 2" flies onto iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches on Monday, May 3, complete with numerous armor choices, all of Iron Man's trademark powers, dangerous villains and plenty of intense 3D action. We tapped the production team at Gameloft to learn more about the game, from the iPad specifics to environments to the Iron Man suits and more!

Iron Man rocks the Mark V armor in the iPad version of the "Iron Man 2" game
Marvel.com: What is different about developing for the iPad as opposed to other devices you've developed for in the past?

Gameloft: The most striking feature of the iPad for a mobile game developer like us is the huge size of the device. We're usually working on a range from small to very small devices and we need to rethink our way of doing games, controls particularly, with this brand new type of device.

The iPad game comes with enhanced graphics due to the much higher resolution, and it greatly enhances the immersion and the wow effect.

Iron Man unleashes his Unibeam in the "Iron Man 2 iPhone" game
Marvel.com: What aspects or impressions of the "Iron Man" movie did you most want to capture in the game?

Gameloft: When starting the production of the game, we had two main objectives in mind. First, empower the player with all the fantastic features of the Iron Man suit.  Not only did it mean to recreate all this in the game, but it also meant to deliver a set of controls that would let the player control Iron Man in the simplest way possible. Tony Stark has a very organic way of controlling his suit; he can use tons of weapons and do incredible things but everything feels natural and smooth. We really wanted to give the player the opportunity to be Iron Man with a very simple [control system]. And I believe we succeeded.

The second objective was to recreate the same tone set by the first movie. We spent a lot of time in the creation of the script and the dialogs to make sure Tony was still the ironic self-made hero we'd come to love in the first movie.

Iron Man in the "Iron Man 2 iPhone" game
Marvel.com: What kind of influence did Marvel have on the making of the game?

Gameloft: Marvel helped to stay true to the IP. They really have a deep knowledge of their products and heroes, and they strongly commit to make sure this is reflected in all of their games.

Thanks to Marvel we've delivered a game that will please hardcore fans of the Invincible Iron Man along with Sunday movie-goers.

Marvel.com: With both Iron Man and War Machine being available to the player from the start, as well as other suits, like the Mark VI and even an underwater suit, how did you try to give each one its own unique feel?

Gameloft: Each suit will feature unique gameplay [abilities]. In the stealth armor, the player will need to be more cautious and will have more technological abilities to overcome the threat.

We did not want the armors to be a mere marketing argument, but to really provide different gameplay [options] and feel to the player.

Iron Man battles foes in the "Iron Man 2 iPhone" game
Marvel.com: Will there be destructible or interactive environments? How will they work?

Gameloft: The player will be able to use elements of the background (cars, phone booths, etc.)  to defeat enemies. In "Iron Man 2 iPhone," you can fully interact with the environments and use the environment as a new set of weaponry.

Marvel.com: How close to the story and action of the movie will the game be?

Gameloft: The game will feature all the main characters from the movie with their distinctive likenesses and personalities. The game also tries to go beyond the movie storyline and delivers a brand new epic tale [that] we're sure people will love.

Iron Man battles foes in the "Iron Man 2 iPhone" game
Marvel.com: There seems to be a lot of emphasis on the huge boss fights. What can we expect from them?

Gameloft: We don't want to spoil anything, but there will be some epic boss battles with very different designs. We suppose that people don't really expect that in an iPhone game, and we're very excited to know what they'll think of the game.

In any case, all we can tell is that Iron Man will come across some really worthy opponents!

Marvel.com: How do the flight controls work in the game? How will the player be able to switch between running, hovering and jetting around?

Gameloft: We wanted to make controls as simple and intuitive as can be. All the flight controls can be activated with one single button. There will not be any long tutorial to explain the controls, everything is a simple and intuitive as Stark would have designed it.

Keep your eyes glued to Marvel.com for more news on the "Iron Man 2 iPhone" videogame as get closer to its release next week!

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