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E3 2010

Super Hero Squad Online E3 Update

Check out these new screenshots from Super Hero Squad Online

"Super Hero Squad
Online" poster

By Ryan Penagos and Kenny Mahoney

Stirred by the rallying cry of "Hero Up," fans and gamers from around the world finally got their hands on "Super Hero Squad Online" last week at E3!

Luckily, we were right there with them and got to put "SHSO" through its paces, playing as Storm, Cyclops, Ms. Marvel and many others across the social spaces and in missions against ninjas, Skrulls, Doctor Octopus and more!

We're happy to report that "Super Hero Squad Online" is packed with details and Easter Eggs for Marvel fans of all ages, fun gameplay, plenty of surprises and tons of characters.

Screenshot of Captian America and Thor from "Super Hero Squad Online"
Speaking of characters, you should also head over to Heroup.com to vote for your favorite new squaddie in the "Super Hero Squad Online" poll!  The two winners will be the next characters revealed in The Squad section of the site along with new screenshots and updated information about their powers and abilities in the game!

Just in case you've missed any of our other coverage of this upcoming massively multiplayer online game, here's a quick rundown of some of the awesome features you'll find in "Super Hero Squad Online"!

Have the real Marvel-hero experience in a welcoming, all-ages world that you can share with anyone, young or old!

Screenshot of Thing from "Super Hero Squad Online"
From Iron Man to Spider-Man to Thor and more, build your perfect squad to take down foes as you see fit!

Each hero also has their own unique abilities that they bring into combat!  Slice through waves of robots with Wolverine's claws, or pound them into scrap metal with Hulk's giant fists!

Explore a massive world filled with new environments, as well as classic Marvel locations!  Take to the streets of the new Villainville or Super Hero City, or check out landmarks like the Daily Bugle, Baxter Building and Stark Tower!

Screenshot of Marvel Girl from "Super Hero Squad Online"

Customize your very own headquarters by showing off all of the trophies you earn by playing games and completing quests!  You can even expand your HQ to give it your own, unique look.  Then, set your heroes loose in your HQ and see how they interact with your creation!

Check the gallery below to see all the new screens!

Follow @SHSOgame on Twitter, visit HeroUp.com and keep your eyes glued to Marvel.com for all your future "Super Hero Squad Online" updates!


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      i hope its free because i wanna play as jean grey


      I Wish This Game Good Luck!!


      This game looks pretty good to me I would rather see a regular Marvel U. cause the ages of 17 to up are the only people that are going to play the game. And if they are alt. costumes I hope Captain America's is Bucky version. That would have been an awesome one if that was Captian America's 2nd costume in MUA 2


      This is going to tank so hard. You heard it here first.


      Looking good fingers crossed for alt costumes.