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Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Neil Edwards Pits Marvel vs. Capcom

"Marvel vs. Capcom 3" launches their Artists Program with a stunning piece from Neil Edwards!

By Marc Strom

To celebrate the sheer awesomeness of "Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds," over the coming months we'll unveil a number of images drawn by some of the hottest artists working for both Capcom and Marvel as they imagine the ultimate free-for-all between the two universes!

First up, artist Neil Edwards gives us an all-out battle between many of your favorite Marvel and Capcom heroes and villains, from The Hulk and Wolverine to Ryu and Dante!

Fresh off a stint on FANTASTIC FOUR alongside writer Jonathan Hickman and currently working on the November-debuting WARRIORS THREE limited series, Edwards is no stranger to the Marvel Universe. The artist recently took some time to speak with Marvel.com about his experience pitting Marvel vs. Capcom.

And check out Joe Ng's amazing companion piece at Capcom Unity right now!


Neil Edwards' ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom battle
Marvel.com: What interested you in contributing to this project?

Neil Edwards: I've always loved video games and own a PS3 and Wii, although I don't get to play on them much these days! When the opportunity came up I thought it was great, so I jumped at the chance to draw Marvel and Capcom characters.

Marvel.com: What do you find most interesting in matching up the Marvel and Capcom characters?

Neil Edwards: I think it's [like] finally playing out who's stronger, Hulk or The Thing, but with the Capcom and Marvel characters...and you can never tell who's going to win!

Marvel.com: In terms of composition, how did you decide on the combat pairings in your particular piece?

Neil Edwards: I wanted The Hulk in the center, then radiate the other characters from him towards the camera and behind him. I also wanted Ryu and Wolverine nearer the camera.

Marvel.com: What were some of the challenges in putting this piece together?

Neil Edwards: Probably getting used to the Capcom characters. The Marvel ones are easy as [I] work with them every day, but getting the details of the Capcom [characters] took some work to get right.

Marvel.com: If you were doing a Marvel vs. Capcom comic, how would it end?

Neil Edwards: Wolverine victorious!

Marvel.com: Which three Marvel or Capcom characters would be selected for your dream team?

Neil Edwards: I think for Capcom it would have to be Chris, Viewtiful Joe and Dante, and for Marvel [it would be] Hulk, Thor and Wolverine.

Marvel.com: Which three powers would you like to have?

Neil Edwards: Flight, invulnerability and super-strength, so I can finally tidy up the garden without any effort!

Marvel.com: Which three Marvel characters would you like to talk to in real life?

Neil Edwards: Thor, as he'd have great stories from history. Spider-Man, as he'd be great to have a laugh with. And Emma Frost, because she's gorgeous.

Marvel.com: Have you seen Joe Ng's art? What do you think?

Neil Edwards: Joe's excellent and very impressive, love his stuff.

Marvel.com: Finally, who would win in an MVC3 match? Edwards or Ng?

Neil Edwards: Blimey, Joe, easily! I'm absolutely hopeless at beat 'em ups!


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      Will they ever give The Punisher a try? I can really see him and Chris going at it!!!


      what about spider man are they going to put him in the game


      They said Marvel females coming our way


      He mentions Hulk Vs The Thing, i hope they actually put The Thing in the game, although i havent seen him yet. They need the heavy class characters such as Hulk, Juggernaut, ect, not sure if Capcom has any large characters, Rufus and Ehonda arent big enough to compair against the Giants of Marvel.