Marvel Pinball

Wolverine Slashes into Marvel Pinball

Feast your eyes on Logan's 'Marvel Pinball' table and get pricing and release date details!



"Marvel Pinball" PS3 box art

We know you want to see more of Wolverine's table in "Marvel Pinball," but first things first: release date and pricing news!

"Marvel Pinball" releases December 8, 2010 for "Pinball FX2" on Xbox LIVE Arcade and December 14, 2010 on PlayStation Network. "Pinball FX2" owners on 360 will be able to buy the Marvel tables within the "Pinball FX2" platform for 800 MSP. PS3 gamers will be able to buy "Marvel Pinball" as a standalone game for $9.99. Same prices, same levels of awesomeness, just slightly different methods of gettin' your game on.

Are you ready for one heck of a pinball ride, bub? Wolverine’s feral instincts rage out of control in "Marvel Pinball." Facing off against killjoys like Silver Samurai, Sabretooth and a Sentinel, the ol’ Canucklehead slashes his adamantium claws toward these bad boys in high-intensity pinball action. Check out the trailer below!

Stay tuned to for more info on "Marvel Pinball," and head over to to VOTE for the next character table to be released.

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      I'm not completely sure that i get the whole idea of wolverine pinball why.....just why?