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X-Men Arcade

Get Ready for X-Men Arcade

Check out new images from the update to the 1992 classic, plus release dates and pricing info for XBLA and PSN

"X-Men Arcade"
XBLA box art
Prepare yourselves, mutant-minded Marvelites! The day you've all been waiting for approaches!

"X-Men Arcade," the classic 1992 coin-op sidescroller, blasts onto home consoles next week! The game hits PS3's PlayStation Network on December 14, with the Xbox LIVE Arcade release following one day later on December 15. You can start scrapping Sentinels for the low price of $9.99 on PSN or 800 points on XBLA!

In "X-Men Arcade," Cyclops, Colossus, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Storm and Wolverine unite to use their special powers to save mankind from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and other terrible threats. Players will have to fight off hundreds of Sentinels--along with Super Villains such as Pyro, the Blob, Wendigo, Nimrod, the White Queen, Juggernaut and Mystique--as they battle their way to Island M to take down the Master of Magnetism, Magneto, and save Kitty Pryde and Professor Xavier.

"X-Men Arcade" screenshot
The console version features support for up to four players locally and up to six online. Online drop-in play will be availble so all your friends can join the battle and help you fend off the scourge of mutantkind. Meanwhile, high definition heads up displays and menus, as well as all-new online leaderboarsd, will help keep track of the score while you focus on slicing through Sentinels.

Players have the ability to completely control their online experience by using the new Create Match mode. By hosting a game with the Create Match mode, players can regulate other incoming players, start level, difficulty and the overall number of players. And those who aren't interested in hosting a match can use the custom match mode to ensure that they get into a game preset at a desirable difficulty level, start level and number of players.

Enjoy a host of brand new screenshots below, and don't forget to pick up "X-Men Arcade" starting on December 14 or 15!
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      Sooo...according to this here article, the game is suppossed to be released today, Dec. 14th...I have checked Playstation network throughout the day and to my dismay, no X-Men Arcade is even listed...what the--?!


      THAT'S crap!!! the freakin' game was made nearly 20 years ago and the only way to play it now is online?? did i miss something where they are going to add extra characters or extra parts to the story to make it where it only can be compatible for online?!you people that are respnsible for this fix it and fix it NOW!


      i always wanted to play this game on my play station 3. i think iam going to cry.

      ManWithoutFear33 member

      The idea of playing this without $40.00 worth of Arcade tokens in my pocket is almost too beautiful for words.


      When I heard Marvel was bringing this out, I almost cried. I LOVE THIS GAME!


      Thank you Marvel for finally bringing this out. I seriously cannot wait to play it.