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Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Showdown Spotlight: X-23 vs. Felicia

See how we size 'em up and then vote in our poll to pick who you think gets the KO in MvC3!

In anticipation of the February 15 release of "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" on Xbox 360 and PS3, we're bringing you daily showdown spotlights pitting a Marvel character against a Capcom character. Each entry features game artwork and screenshots, character bios, gameplay videos, our officially unofficial character play style commentary and polls to so you can tell us who you think would win if these two characters clashed

Today we’re pitting X-23 – the clawed clone of Wolverine -- against Felicia, the pretty kitty with big dreams!  Talk about a clash of the titans! Enjoy today's X-23 vs. Felicia spotlight, make sure to vote in the poll, check out all our MvC3 images and videos and come back tomorrow for our next throwdown, right here on Marvel.com!

By Ben Chabala

X-23 character art from "Marvel vs. Capcom 3"

Marvel, X-Men
First Appearance
: NYX #3
Real Name: Laura Kinney
Alignment: Hero
Brief Bio: X-23 is a clone of Wolverine, the feral bad boy mutant killing machine of the X-Men. Raised by members of the mysterious group The Facility to be the ultimate assassin, she proved to be a more stable and controllable subject than Logan, but just as ruthless and efficient. But her mother refused to watch Laura grow up as a living weapon and helped her to escape, later becoming an unfortunate victim to her daughter’s frenzied claws. Now X-23 works with the X-Men for a better tomorrow, hoping to make up for her bloody past.
Powers: X-23 has adamantium claws like Wolverine, but she has 2 on each hand and one in each foot.  She has enhanced senses and a healing factor that can save her from nearly any wound.
Play Style: While Laura may be a clone of Wolverine, she doesn’t play like him in the least. Wolverine is pure rush; X-23 is a healthy dose of rush with some mix-ups thrown in. Her normal moves have deceiving range because of those razor-sharp claws and she has a few neat little hops that can help her cross up her opponent or create some nasty combos near the ground. She also has some dash attacks that help negotiate space, hit low, OTG and can be canceled if your opponent catches on to your gameplan. Plus her hypers, barring her Level 3, can easily fit into her combos. What’s not to love?
X-23's partial moves list via the "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" Facebook page:

Felicia character art from "Marvel vs. Capcom 3"

: Capcom, Darkstalkers
First Appearance: "Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors"
Real Name: Felicia
Alignment: Hero
Brief Bio: A cat-girl with her eyes set on pop superstardom, she has a long way to go. First, she needs to convince the humans that Darkstalkers aren’t all bad. Second, she needs to fine-tune those cute little meows into some dynamite hit singles. Third, she needs to get some gigs! Confident, perky and playful, Felicia won’t let anything stand in the way of her dreams. One piece of advice though, don’t let Lord Raptor play in your band!
Powers: Half cat, half human, Felicia has enhanced strength, speed and agility as well as keen animal senses.
Play Style: Because this pretty kitty relies on getting in close to do her damage, she has a couple of moves to get her there.  Rolling Buckler gives her a few options to close the distance but her Delta Kick is where it’s at, getting her up out of the range of most projectiles and then putting her quickly to the far side of the screen right in her opponent’s face. Like X-23, Felicia has a low assist that will do wonders for unblockable setups and her Kitty’s Helper hyper is a ton of fun to watch as one of her furry companions leaps around the screen chasing down the enemy, doing damage, and interrupting attacks. Felicia definitely gets by with a little help from her friends.
Felicia's partial moves list via the "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" Facebook page:

Don't forget to pick up your copy of "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" for Xbox 360 or PS3 on February 15, and come back tomorrow for our next throwdown, right here on Marvel.com!

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