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Thor Month

Thor: God of Thunder - Going Green

SEGA and Liquid Entertainment take Thor--and us--to the lush forests of Vanaheim in this preview!

This is the third of several behind-the-scenes featurettes Marvel.com will be running to lead into the release of SEGA's "Thor: God of Thunder"; think of it as a Director's Cut DVD commentary BEFORE the game even hits stores. Keep checking in every couple of days for a new teaser with more tidbits from the developers and designers, and remember they're best enjoyed with mutton and mead.

"Thor: God of Thunder" screenshot - Thor in flight
By Jesse Thompson (Additional reporting by Ryan Penagos

Hey Thor, you've just vanquished Ymir the Frost Giant and Mangog and survived the frigid wasteland of Nifelheim. Looks like your next stop will be...FernGully?

Okay, we're exaggerating a tad about "The Last Rainforest." But as the third level of "Thor: God of Thunder" finds the Odinson visiting Vanaheim, the green sister world of futuristic Asgard and the frozen, spire-filled Nifelheim, the developers at Liquid Entertainment had a field day when it came to showing off the stark differences between the locales.

"Vanaheim is very opposite to all the other worlds," says Bennie Terry, Art Director for Liquid. "When you look at Asgard, you see technology and you see metal. Even though Vanaheim's a sister world, it's more lush, it's more rainforest, so we kind of span the range between the hostile environment of Nifelheim to one which is teeming with life."

Of course, the key to presenting the vibrant "life" of Vanaheim will be seen in the bubbling rivers, the eye-popping vegetation and the seemingly alive constructs that should leave gamers more stoked than a hippie in a Whole Foods.
"Thor: God of Thunder" screenshot - Thor vs. trolls

"Vanaheim's very lush, and the key design element that we tried to pull into the architecture was an organic feel," Terry reveals. "Everything is curving and fluid, and all of the structures have organic curves and smooth lines to complement the exterior. Even the main computer, the interface here was designed based off of limbs extending from a tree and turned into a piece of technology, something that’s definitely not Earth-like, separates you from Midgard, and takes you into something that's a little more high fantasy, a little more sci-fi."

Also: It has big freakin' trolls!

Look for more "Thor: God of Thunder" action on Marvel.com soon and pick up your copy of the game for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and 3DS starting May 3!


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