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Thor Month

Thor: God of Thunder Video Game Available Now

Pick up your copy of the game for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DS right now!

SEGA and Marvel today announced "Thor: God of Thunder", the first standalone video game for Marvel's hall-of-fame franchise, has shipped and is available in stores for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system, the Wii system from Nintendo, and Nintendo DS. The versions for the PlayStation3 system and Xbox 360 feature stereoscopic 3D graphics, and a Nintendo 3DS version will also ship later in the year.

Watch the "Thor: God of Thunder" launch trailer:

"For the first time, players can command Thor's massive elemental powers in an epic original adventure," said Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEGA Europe and SEGA America. "Whether playing with a 3D TV or in traditional high definition, it's thrilling to storm across several of the Nine Worlds in a battle to save Asgard, wielding mighty Thor’s legendary hammer Mjölnir to smash hordes of titanic foes from the Thor universe."

"We are so excited to bring the unique story, adventure and gameplay of 'Thor: God of Thunder' to gamers and fans of Thor everywhere," said TQ Jefferson, Vice President of Games Production, Marvel Entertainment. "With the voices and likenesses of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, gamers will finally be able to delve into the world of the God of Thunder himself and save Asgard."

"Thor: God of Thunder" takes players through a massive adventure for which the Eisner Award-winning writer and lead THOR comic book author, Matt Fraction, served as story consultant and created an original story specifically for the video game that is set with the same universe as the upcoming movie "Thor" from Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures. In the game, which features the voice and likeness of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, players battle to save Thor's home world of Asgard from destruction.

Thor must overcome some of his greatest foes lifted from the pages of the comics, as well as other monstrous denizens. His battle extends from Asgard to the land of Ymir and the Frost Giants in wintry Nifleheim, the fiery forces of Surtur in hellish Muspelheim, and Ulik's band of brutish trolls in the forests and marshes of Vanaheim. Players wield Mjölnir, Thor's legendary hammer, to fight enemies on an immense scale while controlling the elemental storm powers of lightning, thunder and wind to vanquish enemies.

Each version of the game is tailored for its platform, with the PlayStation 3 system and Xbox 360 versions featuring cinematic, third-person action gameplay with melee combos, ranged hammer throws, tide-turning elemental powers, and an upgrade system to bolster Thor's powers as gamers progress. Using grappling points and multiple strategies, players will take on enemies up to four times Thor's size, including monstrous 25-foot tall, 12-ton Frost Giants.

"Thor: God of Thunder" on the Wii system features the same overarching storyline as the versions for the PlayStation 3 system and Xbox 360, while offering a different gaming experience by utilizing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to command Thor's hammer and elemental powers. The Wii version is presented with a uniquely styled comic book look, along with different cinematics, story elements, dialogue, locations, and dedicated flight levels.

Nintendo DS players will experience a 2D side-scrolling adventure with narrative and gameplay unique to the platform.

"Thor: God of Thunder" has been rated "T for Teen" on consoles and "E 10+ for Everyone 10 and older" on Nintendo DS by the ESRB. Get your copy of the game on Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Wii and Nintendo DS right now!

Watch more "Thor: God of Thunder" trailers and spots below:

30 second "Thor: God of Thunder" trailer:

15 second "Thor: God of Thudner" spot:

"Thor: God of Thunder" DS trailer: 

"Thor: God of Thunder" DS 15 second spot: 


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