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THQ Presents: The Punisher

Enter the mind of The Punisher, a vigilante driven by more than just revenge. Terrorize criminals using their own ruthless methods.Serve as judge, jury and executioner in a world ruled by corruption.Live in the gritty, bullet-driven action ripped from the pages of Marvel's darkest stories.
Where justice ends, Punishment begins!

For more information on the Punisher video game, go to http://www.thq.com/punisher/!

The Punisher
Original story from critically-acclaimed Punisher writers Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti featuring all of the Punisher's greatest enemeies and allies.

The Punisher
...today I took out some scum.
Punisher War Journal: Relive special Punisher in-game moments, collect items from Marvel's Punisher history, and more!

The Punisher
Interrogation mode: Use a never-before seen combination of physical force and character interaction to coerce criminals into coughing up valuable information.

The Punisher
For the vigilante who has everything...
Punisher Armory: Collect and upgrade an arsenal of realistic weapons!

The Punisher
Think and act just like The Punisher! For the first time ever, grab criminals and exact vengeance on them in over 100 intimate 'hot spots' triggering custom punisher moments.

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