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Fightin' Game Fanatics

Fightin' Game Fanatics: Mike Ross

We chatted with fighting game veteran Mike Ross to get some tips on MvC3 and much more!

We love Marvel fighting games and we know you do, too, so we're starting a new series of interviews with top brawlers from the community. This week, we’ve got “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” and  “Street Fighter” veteran Mike Ross on the line to talk about his origin story, learning MvC3 and why he’s started using the mighty Thor on his team!

By Ben Chabala

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 promo art

Marvel.com: How did you get into the “Marvel vs.” series?

Mike Ross: All I did was watch the ['90s] "X-Men" cartoon growing up.  Then these games came out, I’ll say starting with "Marvel Super Heroes," and you finally get a chance to play as these characters that you grew up watching.  It was just amazing.  Better yet, you get to use their super powers and beat up other super heroes at the same time! 

Obviously when I started out I wasn’t trying to play competitively, I just wanted to have fun, but now it’s serious business.  As the games kept getting more advanced and more technical, I began to take them more seriously.  Every day after school since junior high I would walk over to the donut shop or something where I could play "X-Men vs. Street Fighter" and it’s been in my veins ever since.

Marvel.com: As a "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" veteran, and as a “Street Fighter” player, what was the most significant change you had to get used to when you picked up MvC3?

Mike Ross: Easily without question: the button layout.  They changed it from 6 attack buttons to 4 attack and 2 assist buttons. It was like me playing pool all of my life, and I’m suddenly playing on a table with no pockets and there are only three balls.  It looks like pool and you think it should play like pool, but it’s totally different.  That’s what it was like picking up "Marvel vs. Capcom 3." Once you get used to the format and layouts of the game, then you can start getting good.

Marvel.com: Did MvC3 get easier after you got the hang of it--once you’d learned the buttons and how the game’s supposed to be played?

Mike Ross: Nooooo, it would have come much easier if I hadn’t played MvC2 so much.  I had to work on breaking old habits before I could really play well.

Thor Character Art from ''Marvel vs. Capcom 3''

Marvel.com: You’ve been tearing it up with Thor recently--a relatively underutilized character in the competitive scene.   Why’d you start using the God of Thunder?

Mike Ross: I got tired of losing and I was walking around in my room and I said, “I need to figure out a team that’ll help me win.”  Suddenly there was just a hammer sitting on my bed and I said, “You know what, I need to pick up Thor.”   I wanted a team that could utilize the DHC trick but I didn’t want to be lame and pick a typical team so I had to go with Thor, you know, the coolest character ever.  He’s got a hammer, he can fly and he can shoot lightning bolts. What more do you want?

Marvel.com: So could you pick up the hammer that magically appeared on your bed?  I heard that only those who are deemed worthy can lift Mjolnir.

Mike Ross: At this point in time I cannot reveal that information, but if you see me flying around tomorrow in the news, you know what happened.

Screenshot of Thor from ''Marvel vs. Capcom 3''

Marvel.com: Think you’ll use the "Thor" movie for some in-game inspiration?

Mike Ross: I really can’t wait to see it, I’ve been pumped forever.  I’m going to watch it and I’m bringing my notebook.

Marvel.com: Do you have any tips for the fledgling MvC3 players?

Mike Ross: Oh yeah.  Find characters that you love to use, or just love in general. Use all your childhood memories and stick with them. Learn your character, learn your combos, learn team synergy and you can’t go wrong from there.

Marvel.com: Who’s your favorite Marvel character?

Mike Ross: Do I have a favorite?  Let me think about that for a second.  Actually for some reason, I tend to have flocked towards Blade and Bishop.  I did like Hulk and I liked Thor and I really liked Colossus.  There’s just something about the big muscles, the power, that I really like.  And of course Iron Man.

Screenshot of Iron Man from ''Marvel vs. Capcom 3''

Marvel.com: I know it’s hard, man.  How about you just give me your top 3.

Mike Ross: Dang this is a good one… Alright, top three here we go: Blade, Iron Man, and… Gambit.

Marvel.com: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Mike Ross: Oh this is the best question of all time.  Just so you know, this super power was thought out years ago.  I’ve come to the conclusion that my super power would be the ability to communicate with anything organic.  I would be able communicate with all organic life forms.  I would kinda be like Dr. Dolittle, but more Dr. DoLOT.  I think that would be the best thing ever.  I could have bees spying on you!  That fly on the wall?  Spying.  Silverback gorillas as my bodyguards?  Awesome.

Follow @thatmikerossguy on Twitter and check out Mike and his co-anchor in crime, gootecks, over at their Youtube channel Cross Counter TV.

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