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X-Men: Destiny

E3 2011: X-Men: Destiny Updates

Take a look at new exclusive content from X-Men: Destiny fresh out of E3!

It's E3 time and that means we've got news, info and plenty of video game goodies for ya! Enjoy our coverage of Marvel's offerings and follow @Agent_M on Twitter for coverage directly from LA's massive gaming event!

X-Men: Destiny - EXCLUSIVE Aimi
Since last year’s New York Comic Con, Marvel fans have been brimming with anticipation for Activision’s newest X-epic, “X-Men: Destiny.” While we’ve provided juicy content on the new game throughout the year, nothing compares to the details dropped at this year’s E3, but fret not, devout followers! We’ve got you covered with these new updates!

Through three completely new characters, “X-Men: Destiny” allows players to choose between becoming one of humanity’s greatest allies, or one of its most feared enemies! Thanks to fully customizable story paths and a unique upgrade system, users can mold their mutant’s destiny and fight for, or against, many of the world’s greatest mutant mainstays. Customize your character’s path, powers, and development, and then fight for what you believe in in a high-octane combat system truly worthy of your abilities!

These new screens showcase some of the game’s mutant power houses dispatching their foes through devastating energy offensives and attacks. The highly visual conflict is a theme through all four images, including our exclusive image of Aimi Yoshida! The ninjutsu nonpareil sports a never before seen uniform, hinting at what her character may look like as one of the mighty X-Men!

Stay posted at Marvel.com as we continue to deliver the latest news from E3!



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