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Super Hero Squad Online

Super Hero Squad Online: Meet Storm

Storm blows in a gale of a video and eight new screenshots!

Hero Up, Squaddies! "Super Hero Squad Online" is now live, and you can tour through Super Hero City as your favorite heroes in the all-new online game! In the coming months, we'll be highlighting the different Squaddies with new character vignettes and screenshots from the game right here on Marvel.com, so check back regularly for all the latest on "Super Hero Squad Online"!

Storm earns her namesake as she makes it rain in "Super Hero Squad Online"

Storm floods our screens and hearts with her whimsical entrance to the "Super Hero Squad Online" scene!

We're so happy to have Storm joining the rest of Marvel's Merry Mutants in video game action that we have eight new screenshots and one character render of your favorite breezy beauty! Float your way through the Daily Bugle and waft baddies away with a flick of the wrist! Glide on over to our Storm vignette video and get twisted up in a whirlwind of excitement!

Don't forget to log on to www.HeroUp.com where you can team up with that lovely, lofty lady Storm and blow away the baddies!

Keep your eyes peeled to Marvel.com as we continue to bring you more spotlights on the Squaddies from "Super Hero Squad Online," and vist www.HeroUp.com to play the game yourself!




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