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Captain America: Super Soldier

Captain America: Super Soldier Mug Shots 1

Meet the baddies of 'Captain America: Super Soldier' and check out 5 new screenshots and behind-the-scenes art!

In order to provide fans with some background on some of the enemy characters they will encounter while playing as the First Avenger, SEGA will be presenting the "Captain America: Super Soldier" Mug Shot series, which will be an ongoing feature over the next few weeks. The game features characters ripped straight from the pages of Marvel’s timeless comics--such as Baron von Strucker and Madame Hydra, the focus of this first installment--as well as some original foes created by the team at Next Level Games.

Cap and Baron Strucker battle in "Captain America: Super Soldier"

Baron von Strucker

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker was born into Prussian nobility with familial association to the secret society known as HYDRA. Ambitious, arrogant and harboring a particular distaste for the lower-class, Strucker quickly rose through Hydra, becoming proficient in both combat and tactics. Intercepted documents suggest he is pursuing development of advanced weaponry known as the “Satan Claw” for personal use.



Screenshot of Madame Hydra from "Captain America: Super Soldier"

Madame Hydra

HYDRA has a longstanding tradition of the role of Madame Hydra, the highest-ranking female in its organization. Little is known about the current Madame Hydra, except that she is respected and feared as a ruthless fighter. Madame Hydra is rumored to be an expert in poisons and torture, and is proficient in coaxing information out of those she captures.


Sniper character render from "Captain America: Super Soldier"


The Sniper is one of the ranged enemies Cap will encounter, and is the foot soldier of Arnim Zola’s security forces. These men are top conditioned HYDRA soldiers, augmented by a weak version of Red Skull’s serum-enhanced DNA. Armed either with rifles or shotguns they strike from a distance with careful precision--making well-timed use of Cap’s shield essential.

Releasing  July 19, 2011 on all major gaming platforms and inspired by the upcoming summer blockbuster "Captain America: The First Avenger" from Marvel Studios, "Captain America: Super Soldier" promises to throw us right into the thick of the amazing World War II adventures of the Star-Spangled Avenger!

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