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Captain America: Super Soldier

Captain America: Super Soldier Dossier 3 - Captain America

Leap into a behind-the-scenes look at the making of 'Captain America: Super Soldier'!

In this all-new behind-the-scenes feature for "Captain America: Super Soldier," Game Director at Next Level Games, Brandon Gill, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the origianl Avenger himself, Captain America, and his abilities players can utilize to topple their adversaries.

Written by Brandon Gill, Game Director, Next Level Games:
The First Avenger in "Captain America: Super Soldier"
Being a developer based in Canada, it was a bit daunting when we first approached the character of Captain America. After reading [writer Ed] Brubaker's Winter Soldier [story-arc], we all gained a better understanding of the character as someone who always stands up for what he believes in. It's definitely a universal theme that anyone can get behind, and we found it to be quite inspiring.
Concept art for "Captain America: Super Soldier"
Character render from "Captain America: Super Soldier"
The fact that Captain America is also a human in peak condition made it a little easier to start our early prototyping. There was no need to create flying or teleporting mechanics, and we were able to focus in on what makes him so appealing as an action hero.
Cap evades one of the many obstacles in "Captain America: Super Soldier"
We started with a solid, grounded combat system focusing on multiple enemies and close quarters techniques. Once we had something that felt really good as a game, we started to layer on the Cap flavor. More acrobatic moves, powerful strikes and of course we worked the shield into every possible thing that we could find.
Screenshot of Cap vs. HYDRA goons in "Captain America: Super Soldier"
The shield was an interesting weapon concept to design for. Since we had our combat worked out first, we started brainstorming all the places where we could add more "shield moments."
Concept art of Cap's famous shield from "Captain America: Super Soldier"
It quickly became a way to strike both close-up and from a distance. On defense it became the way to defend against close attacks and even counter-attack incoming ranged threats.
Captain America defends with the shield.
Cap takes the offensive!
It became a very organic part of the game-play rather than being limited to one or two buttons. It factors into almost all of the player's abilities throughout the course of the game.

Releasing  July 19, 2011 on all major gaming platforms and inspired by the upcoming summer blockbuster "Captain America: The First Avenger" from Marvel Studios, "Captain America: Super Soldier" promises to throw us right into the thick of the amazing World War II adventures of the Star-Spangled Avenger!

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i would like to say that I hope Marvel make an avengers game and I would like to see a Nick Fury or a SHEILD film please


MUA3 sounds like a good idea for maybe next year or something like that but Captain america looks really good


Maybe your right i just realy want MUA3


we dont care about a game that took 5 min. to make so you can boost movie sales we want marvel ultimate allience 3 with more alt. costumes than mua2 like mua1