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Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Details on GameStop's Spider-Man and X-Men Game Pre-Order Exclusives

Activision and GameStop team-up to hook up pre-order participants with these awesome in-game bonuses for Edge of Time & Desti

Two of Marvel’s hottest E3 titles are creeping closer to store shelves, and to sweeten the release GameStop is providing comic fans and console freaks with extra pre-order goodies for "X-Men: Destiny" and "Spider-Man: Edge of Time"!

Aimi Havok Suit from X-Men: Destiny

In "X-Men: Destiny," players can take control of several new mutant characters as they face the trials and tribulations of dealing with their new powers and abilities. GameStop is adding to that mix by giving fans the power of Havok, as pre-order participants will receive a special Havok-inspired suit for each playable character! In addition, users will be able to equip the exclusive Havok X-gene to their mutant of choice, granting them plasma-based power enhancements to their attacks, the ability to stun enemies through energy absorption and increase their damage output over time! "X-Men: Destiny" hits stores this fall, so be sure to pick up your pre-order fast!

In "Spider-Man: Edge of Time," players utilize the talents and skills of two distinct Spideys, Amazing Spider-Man and

Prodigy Costume from Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Spider-Man 2099, as they work together through split-screen game play that defies the bounds of time and reality! As if this wasn’t enough, GameStop is giving gamers a bonus storyline: Identity Crisis. In Identity Crisis, Peter Parker gives up being Spider-Man and attempts to become a new hero, picking up four alternate heroic personas! Players will be able to take full advantage of the four exclusive suits from this storyline--Dusk, Prodigy, Ricochet and Hornet--which will give our web-slinger increases in health, damage, health regeneration or shield regeneration. Pre-order goodies are limited, so come into GameStop today and reserve your copy of "Spider-Man: Edge of Time"!

All of the upcoming exclusive costumes can be seen in the image gallery below! Both titles will be available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this Fall. For more information on all upcoming Marvel video games and super heroes, be sure to stick around Marvel.com!

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