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Download Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Now!

Download the fantastic new game available now!

By Tavia Morra

Ten-hut! Brace yourself, soldier. We've got some great news for you today!

Captain America dashes onto the mobile scene with his iPad and iPhone downloadable game debut in "Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty"! That's right, soldier, this sensational game is available in the App Store today for your gaming pleasure!

Cap from "Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty"
"Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty" follows Cap as he tears across enemy lines to rescue the ailing Howling Commandos and prevent Red Skull's nefarious plans from coming to fruition! You, the player, get a chance to hop into Cap's boots and use your speed and skill to take down HYDRA scum.

Featuring beautiful HD graphics and textured constructions, "Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty" drops you right in the middle of the action! Cap's speed, style, athleticism, and acrobatics are exactly what you'd expect from the Star Spangled Avenger, and the beautiful motion comic cut-scenes don't hurt either!

But you came here to read up on the gameplay! What are Cap's powers in the game? Producer Nathan Rose explains that Cap's shield plays a big role in the gaming experience.

"Most of Cap's fighting style makes heavy use of his shield plus he is very agile," said Rose. "We didn’t want him to be too encumbered yet we didn't want him jumping around like Spiderman.  This game deserved some finesse."

The level of control over Cap is tight, and Rose assures video game buffs out there that this game will meet their standards.

Cap delivers a roundhouse kick in "Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty"
"Making the player feel that they had full control over Cap in such a way that they owned the moves he was performing was a struggle as we were adopting a fairly unique control method," the producer explains. "We went away from the standard virtual thumb stick mechanic to a full swipe style since it felt better for this type of game. It took us a few months to really zero in and do this method justice."

The control style makes the game fun for everyone regardless of their familiarity with Cap, and the game features tons of unlockable goodies and even comics. But in the end, if you like to pulversize baddies into the ground, then this is your game.

"Providing real impact to power moves was a great focus as well," adds Rose. "Cap hits really hard, especially when he pummels an enemy into the ground with his shield.  We wanted fans to get the full effect of this, so by combining camera zoom, sound effects, and visual feedback, we felt that we delivered to this desire."


Check out the trailer below for more on "Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty" and be sure to download the game in the App Store now! Don't miss out on this high paced, action-adventure game--now get playing!

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