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Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Spider-Man and X-Men Game Voice Casts Revealed

Activision has announced the stars of the upcoming 'Spider-Man: Edge of Time' and 'X-Men Destiny' videogames!

World-famous Super Heroes deserve world-class talent! That’s why, to kick off San Diego Comic-Con 2011, Activision and Marvel are pleased to announce the top-tier celebrity actors that will voice characters in the upcoming "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" and "X-Men Destiny" video games. Both games will be playable at this year’s Comic-Con and are set to thrill comic fans this fall.  

Black Cat screenshot from Spider-Man: Edge of Time, who will be voiced by Katee Sackhoff in the game

The highly anticipated "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" game will feature legendary film star Val Kilmer as Walker Sloan, "Smallville" and "V" mainstay Laura Vandervoort as Mary Jane and Katee Sackhoff, who played Lieutenant Starbuck from "Battlestar Galactica," makes her debut as the Black Cat. 

Additionally, "Heroes" icon Milo Ventimiglia, "Sucker Punch" and "The Hangover Part II" vixen Jamie Chung and "Friday Night Lights" star Scott Porter will bring three all-new playable mutant characters--Grant Alexander, Aimi Yoshida and Adrian Luca--to life respectively in "X-Men Destiny."

“These amazing casts of talented Hollywood actors help bring the rich storylines of "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" and "X-Men Destiny to life,'” said Vicharin Vadakan, Director of Marketing, Activision Publishing.  “Players this fall will get to control the destiny of their own mutants or save Spider-Man and through this voice talent feel like they are part of the action.”

Comic-Con fans can also catch some of their favorite stars from "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" and "X-Men Destiny" at the Activision Marvel Video Games Panel where they will join legendary comic creator Stan Lee, Marvel writer Peter David and Beenox Studio Head Dee Brown, among others, to discuss the latest Super Hero adventures and their roles in the upcoming video games.  The panel will take place on Saturday, July 23, at 10:00 a.m. in room 5AB and you can follow along with the liveblog on Marvel.com at our Liveblog Central or on Facebook.  Show-goers who visit the Activision booth (#5445) will be among the first to get their hands on both games. 

About "Spider-Man: Edge of Time"

Playing the roles of the Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099, "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" propels gamers on a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled adventure in which the heroic web-slingers must urgently work together across time to save each other and prevent a disaster that ultimately leads to the death of the Amazing Spider-Man.  Against the backdrop of a rich, tightly crafted narrative by acclaimed Marvel veteran writer Peter David, the game features two individual timelines evolving in parallel, as well as "cause-and-effect" moments driven by the narrative. The game utilizes "picture-in-picture" moments where the actions of the Spider-Man in the present immediately affect the Spider-Man in the future and his surroundings.

About "X-Men Destiny"

"X-Men Destiny" allows gamers to control the fate of one of three brand-new mutant characters forced to choose between saving humanity or ensuring its destruction.  Players are able to customize the path, powers and development of their character and decide their role in the mutant cause alongside, or against, some of Marvel’s greatest X-Men franchise characters.  Their mutant skills will evolve through a unique upgrade system that allows them to choose how they will mix and match the powers from their favorite X-Men and Brotherhood characters, then engage in fast and furious combat against a variety of opponents bent on defending their beliefs. 

"Spider-Man: Edge of Time" is being developed by Beenox for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Nintendo 3DS. Silicon Knights is developing "X-Men Destiny" for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and Wii. Both games are being developed by Other Ocean for Nintendo DS. For more information on "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" and "X-Men Destiny" stay glued to Marvel.com and tune in to the HeroHQ community on Facebook at Facebook.com/HeroHQ.

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Black Cat is a reformed burglar who continues to walk on the wild ...


I hope Black cat is a playable character in some games that are coming in the future


i want to play this even more now because Black cat is the best!