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Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Microsoft has a Holiday Present for Marvel-Gamers!

This holiday season just got a little sweeter Marvel Fans! No, it's not your mom's tangy cranberry sauce or grammy's pumpkin pie (despite how delectable either may be), but starting Thanksgiving time, Microsoft serves up a fresh portion of awesome with "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" Xbox 360 Bundles! The fan-favorite action-RPG that let's you form your own playable team from over 25 of Marvel's finest heroes (and villains, thanks to the Gold Edition!) will be included as a free bonus with Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Elite consoles! That's right folks, FREE! Want Mr. Fantastic to fight alongside Dr. Doom? Spidey and Venom? We wouldn't go that far here at the House of Ideas, but "MUA" let's you go for it! So unless you want coal in your stockings, we suggest adding the spectacular new bundle to your wish list ASAP and you'll be Wall-crawlin' and Hulk-smashing faster than you can say "Gobble Gobble" (we know you just said "Gobble Gobble")!

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