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X-Men: Destiny

New X-Men Destiny Screenshots and Vignette

Don't miss out on these all-new 'X-Men Destiny' goodies!

Screenshot of Iceman, Emma Frost and Aimi from "X-Men Destiny"
Today we've got a real treat for you: A brand new trailer to tease your eyes and new screenshots from "X-Men Destiny"! These screenshots and trailer come straight from Gamescom and onto your desktop, so don't miss out on these awesome new goodies!

Play as one of three new characters in "X-Men Destiny" and the choices you make will decide whether you ultimately side with the X-Men or the Brotherhood. Now you can learn more about each power set you can choose for your character in this all-new vignette trailer.

Don't forget to keep it tuned here on Marvel.com for more on "X-Men Destiny" as we get closer to its September 27 debut on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS!

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      and please add a mental power set..GOD KNOWS THE GAME COULD ONLY BENEFIT FROM A MENTAL POWER SET


      Where is African-American, Latino, and dare I say it Homosexual representation at in this games main charcters? And will there be a physical (super-strength) and elemental (weather) power set for the hero/villian to branch into? I this games cannot be close to being complete, if it is it was rushed and its showing in these vignettes..which = lame!!