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HeroClix Online

HeroClix Online Announces Rolling Thunder Tournament

Join the 'Rolling Thunder' tournament now on HeroClix Online to win one of five limited-edition Marvel figures!

Limited-edition Rolling Thunder figures from "HeroClix Online"

Developers of "HeroClix Online," a digital transliteration of the popular combat-oriented tabletop game, alerted players yesterday of a downpour headed to the online game. “Rolling Thunder,” a five-week-long event will test players’ skills as they battle it out in rolling tournaments for one of five limited-edition Marvel figures! “Rolling Thunder” will run September 16 through October 20.

Following the recent integration of Sealed rolling tournaments to "HeroClix Online," the “Rolling Thunder” event will offer players a chance to score virtual, limited-edition figures for their feats. Every week between September 16 and October 20 a new limited-edition Marvel figure will be awarded to First Place winners of ongoing sealed rolling tournaments.

Limited edition figures from the Marvel collection include Samantha Parrington, Skull-Brother, Gharskygt, Son of Surtur and Thor, the Reigning.

For more information on HeroClix Online or to create an account, please visit http://hco.heroclix.com/.

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