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X-Men: Destiny

Power Up With X-Men Destiny Pre-Order Exclusives

Get exclusive power sets when you pre-order 'X-Men Destiny' from Amazon.com, Best Buy & GameStop!

When you choose your side in "X-Men Destiny," you'll also have the ability to choose your power sets--and those choices just got bigger with three new pre-order exclusives from Amazon.com, Best Buy and GameStop!

Pre-order the game before it hits shelves on September 27 and you'll gain the ability to unlock exclusive X-Genes! When you pre-order from Amazon.com you get Emma Frost's X-Gene, while pre-ordering from Best Buy gets you Juggernaut's and GameStop gives you a code to unlock Havok's abilities!

Check out what you can do with each of these exclusive X-Genes in three new trailers below, and pick up "X-Men Destiny" on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS on September 27!

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ok i dont mean to poke holes in what looks like a realy good game but Juggernaut wasnt a mutant just sayin