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HeroClix Online

HeroClix Online Introduces Marvel Infinity Challenge

'HeroClix Online' announces update including over 30 new figures and an all-new map for battle!

Screenshot from the Marvel Infinity Challenge in "HeroClix Online"

Developers of "HeroClix Online," a digital transliteration of the popular combat-oriented tabletop game, today announced  the addition of the first wave of the Marvel Infinity Challenge collection to the online game. The update includes over 30 new figures and an all-new map for battle.

“Infinity Challenge was the initial collection released at the launch of HeroClix 2002,” said V.P. of Marketing at NECA, Justin Ziran. “It’s exciting to see these Marvel characters available for players in digital form. Not only will the set add new content, it will also provide players an additional, lower-cost option for collecting and tournament play.”

The complete Infinity Challenge collection will add over 50 unique figures and 178 new figures in its entirety to the online experience. 

Single figure boosters are available now for $0.95 and can be used alongside "HeroClix Online" Marvel starter figures such as Hammer of Thor and Fantastic Four as well as in friendly matches and constructed tournaments.

The second wave of Infinity Challenge figures is anticipated to launch mid-October.

For more information on HeroClix Online, visit the web site at: http://hco.heroclix.com/

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