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Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat

Watch the Fifth Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Cutscene

The Squaddies head into Villainville while Doctor Doom's mom, CoCo Von Doom, gets ready to surprise him with a visit!

The Squaddies have chased Abomination back to the gates of Villainville, where they prepare for their final battle with Doctor Doom! But wait, what's Doom's mother, CoCo Von Doom, up to?

We're not saying, but you can find out for yourself with the fifth cutscene from "Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat," now available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii with the uDraw GameTablet

You can help the Squad take down the baddies once again with their latest video game adventure, and to get a taste of all the excitement watch the first, second, third and fourth cutscenes from the game, and check out the latest directly below.

Pick up your copy of "Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat" today, and stay tuned to Marvel.com for the final cutscene from the game next week!

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