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The Amazing Spider-Man (Video Game)

Felicia Hardy Steals Into Amazing Spider-Man Game

Felicia Hardy receives a makeover exclusively for the 'Amazing Spider-Man' video game!

By Marc Strom

In the comics, Felicia Hardy has tried to steal Spider-Man's heart countless times. Now she'll get her chance once more in the "Amazing Spider-Man" video game out June 26!

The white-haired thief known as the Black Cat in the comics receives a special makeover exclusively for the "Amazing Spider-Man" video game, and we've got your first peek at her new look as well as her bio from the game!

Plus, scroll down past the bio to get the full scoop on Felicia's role in the game as we speak with Marvel Games Interactive Manager, Chris Baker, for a couple of teases as to what we have in store!

Felicia Hardy

Screenshot of Felicia Hardy in the "Amazing Spider-Man" video game

Born in Queens, New York, to a privileged and wealthy family, Felicia Hardy led the ideal life growing up as a popular cheerleader and respected athlete who still managed straight A’s in all her classes. But her family had a dark secret--the Hardy fortune was a result of her father’s career as a notorious cat burglar. Making plenty of enemies on both sides of the law, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances when Felicia graduated high school. Determined to continue his legacy--or perhaps for other, less obvious reasons--Felicia has since dedicated her life to following in her father’s footsteps. 

Felicia trained for years, until she felt she was ready to become the ultimate thief. Her obsession paid off--before long, she’d find that her sharp wit and seductive allure gave her an edge over the competition, landing her in circles that even her father, a master thief, could never have hoped to breach. What’s more, after three years of consistently brilliant jobs, she still managed to elude all authorities, as well as other, less law-abiding figures on her trail. But her luck is about to change…

Marvel.com: You mentioned on the This Week in Marvel podcast recently that several of the villains in the "Amazing Spider-Man" will feature some sort of Oscorp-based origin story involving cross-species genetic engineering. Does Felicia fall into this category?

Chris Baker: There is a touch of Oscorp involved in her back story, but it doesn’t involve genetic engineering in any way. You’ll find that she definitely has an interest in everything that goes on there, though.

Marvel.com: How so?

Chris Baker: Well, for one thing, that’s no normal gun she’s packing there, it’s a stolen Oscorp prototype that has some special features you’ll see in action when you fight her. Also, we’re definitely speaking to her infatuation with Spider-Man we’ve been reading in comics for more than 30 years now--it’s linked to more than simply being impressed at his abilities--and part of that ties back to Oscorp, as well.

Marvel.com: Beyond an infatuation with Spider-Man, in what other ways would you say she resembles her comics-based counterpart?

Screenshot of Felicia Hardy and Spider-Man in the "Amazing Spider-Man" video game

Chris Baker: Her general back story is similar, with her being the daughter of a famous cat burglar, but beyond that, I think with Felicia it’s all about a healthy mix of attitude, smarts, and overall sexiness. I’d say ["Amazing Spider-Man" developer] Beenox has nailed it on all counts. She’s tough-as-nails, and she knows exactly what she’s doing. And even though she’s robbing a bank in our story, once you get to know her, you realize that maybe she isn’t such a “villain” after all. In that respect, I think her introduction here is very similar to what we saw back in the ‘70s.

Marvel.com: What changes did Beenox make to have her feel more “movie universe”?

Chris Baker: Most importantly, when it came to her look, the conclusion was to at least speak to everything you could identify as being iconic about her, but make it look like something you can imagine a person feasibly wearing in the real world. We all know the comic version, for example, has a very iconic mask. Practically speaking, a mask’s functionality is to hide one’s identity, and being anonymous doesn’t exactly fit Felicia’s M.O. in our story. So instead, Beenox gave her a pair of glasses with black frames that speak to the familiar shape of her mask, which I think do a great job of making her look “smart sexy.” I’ll admit, she’s probably still a little more provocatively dressed than someone in the real world might be while robbing a bank, but there are some core things about a character you just can’t change.

Marvel.com: And what about the hair? It’s not white for many women her age. Did you consider changing it to make it feel more “real”?  

Chris Baker: Yes, we actually had some color in her hair for quite some time, but then we realized it was taking too much away from what we felt the fans--ourselves included--would really want. We actually have a story-based reason for her white hair with roots--no pun intended--relating directly to the climax of the movie itself, even though she doesn’t actually appear in the film. I’d tell you, but, well, you know…spoilers and all…

Marvel.com: Anything else we should know about her going in?

Chris Baker: The bank robbery I mentioned earlier is where your big showdown with her takes place…but that might not be the only time she pops up…

The "Amazing Spider-Man" video game hits shelves June 26!

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